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Julia West Psychic

Profile#1830374 Julia West Psychic 15 Verified Clairaudient/Clairvoyant Remote Viewer

I am a clairaudient which means my abilities come to me in the form of audio as a first line of interpretation and my secondary ability being clairvoyance. I myself use the Egyptian cartouche tarot deck and runes because the symbols used occupy ancient energies. . . and it "plays well" for me. My Psychic abilities are generational and I am from a long line of visionaries. I also can remote view. Lost items are often located. Tarot cards themselves are like musical instruments to me- and not always necessary to tell the story. Remember this: The landscape of your life is fluid and every changing, nothing is solid, nor is the future--we can mold it.

My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 4.87
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Answered Calls: 98% Answered Messages: 99% Favorited By: 13
Personality Score: 9.58
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My Recent Reviews
  • itturns

    I've spoken to Julia a few times. She is consistently accurate. I was again able to verify reading a few minutes after speaking. thank you

  • Meetmenow

    Needed direct questions to elaborate .... I do not like feeding the medium to get answers.... not my cup of tea...

    Julia West PsychicI had a hard time connecting 2 her career questions, epecially when they were extremely generalized.

  • Preilly

    Thank you Julia for a insightful reading!

  • MsTia

    Excellent service

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My Recent Posts
  • Julia West Psychic

    "The truth leads a wretched life...... but always survives a lie"

  • Julia West Psychic

    The deck consists of just twenty-five cards, less than one-third of a modern tarot deck

  • Julia West Psychic

    The Cartouche deck consists of just twenty-five cards, less than one-third of a modern tarot deck.

  • Julia West Psychic

    My tarot deck the Cartouche is grounded in the timeless energies of the Mother, Father, Family, Love, Strength and Creativity.

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