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Profile#637493 Atty 8 Let's heal you in all ways.

I read energetic signatures. Illness shows up in different ways. Blocks are usually dense or goopy, fear and anxiety is usually stringy or tight cords. Most of the time it is dark and tar like or crusty. I have even removed entities. Sometimes it is a wound from a past life or even something from your ancestors. Let's fix it, and restore your colors.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I have studied Reiki, Quantum Touch, hypnosis, specializing in past life regression, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Codes, intuitive Healing, psychic surgery, can see and run colors, and developed a PLR skill called Bond Viewing.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I hadn't realized I could do energy healaing until I got very sick and the doctor wanted to remove my colon. I told him that me and my colon were very close and I wanted to keep it around. He told me I was asking for trouble that I should come back in a month and he advised me to have it removed. Determined not to I started researching alternative ways to fix it. I started using different herbs for inflamation and signed up for a Reiki class. I took them all and became a Reiki Master Teacher. Next I studied Quantum Touch. After that, Theta Healing and Matrix Energetics. Inbetween those I did hypnosis. I hadn't gone back for the monthly visit because the pain had gone and I was well, regular! I stil haven't gone back and that was around 12 years ago. I work now on other people.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I had just started doing energy work, trying to get my hours in so I could be certified and that meant doing a lot of work on friends and their pets. A friend asked me to work on her back. Her pain was at a 7. I'm running energy, feeling the buzz in my hands, doing the breath and she tells me that it is a 3, could I work on her foot. It doesn't look right with a scan, so I focus all my attention on it. I'm really into it and suddenly I feel the bones in her foot shift around and hear a sqiry sort of crackling sound in my head. My first impression is, 'did that really happen?' I scanned her foot again and saw that it looked okay, that dark wavy stuff was gone. After the session I am getting on my coat and she hugs me and tells me her back feels great. I'm very happy and say, "What about your foot?" Unsure if I should tell her about the rearranging that I still wasnât' sure really happened. She puts pressure on it, walks around the entry and says, "Hmmm, it doesn't hurt, which is odd because it always hurts." I knew right there that I wanted to help everyone I could. I'm working on a lady's hip. I scan it and donât' see anything, so I just start running energy into it. In a little while I scan it again and see a black spot about the size of a quarter. I zoom in close and it looks like an insect with sharp pointy legs buried in her hip bone. Well, I'd never seen anything like it before, ever. I had no idea really what to do with it but I knew it had to go, so I pry it out of there making sure not to leave anything and when I pulled it out it was much bigger. I'm thinking, what do I do with this! In my head I'm saying hey, what do I do with this. I don't want to let it go because I'm afraid it will get back into her hip. I'm having a bit of an anxiety thing happening when two hands of light reach out and take it from me. I am so grateful and humbled that all I can do is say thank you. The relief was huge. I felt very loved at that moment.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?When you phone we will talk a bit about your issue and I will scan you. If it is pain or discomfort you'll rate it from 1 to 10. After that I shall run energy into you while I hold a high vibration. You will give me any feedback and tell me what is happening on your end. I will run it for five minutes and then we will re-evaluate it and see where you are on that 1 to 10 scale. Now, if it is an illness we will run energy into it and I will see if I can remove it from your energy field. You have to help me here though, you have to tell me what is happening on your end. Together we can make it better. Your body knows how to heal itself. Iâm just helping it along.
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My Recent Reviews
  • MegaStory2

    What else can I say about Atty? She and I have a very personal connection at this point it feels like someone who knows me on a very deep level.

  • ACDC1

    Told me things that no one else picked up on. Ty!

  • QQ22QQ

    I love connecting with Atty and getting her healing energy.

  • QQ11QQ

    Whenever I need to 'recharge my batteries', Atty is the one I turn to in order to bring about some healing.

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My Recent Posts
  • Atty

    To draw your deceased loved ones near call their full name at birth. They will feel it.

  • Atty

    when you think of someone you send out an energetic beam to them. Sometimes it sticks and they will contact you.

  • Atty

    Your body is brilliant and can heal itself.

  • Atty

    If you're feeling unwell let us talk. I will run some energy into you and clear away that unwanted junk.

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