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A Certified Master Psychic and Energy Consultant

Profile#790780 A Certified Master Psychic and Energy Consultant 9 Why face it alone!! Certified by ESP Professionals!! Love, Career, Pets, Spiritual matters, Energies

I have read Tarot cards professionally many years. I also use many forms of divination to help guide you through life., I try to help you through life struggles with solid advice and care. Often we must make the best of a situation, but more often we can change our outcome by changing our actions, this helps us attain what we seek. There are many helpful tools to help you to understand your circumstances and to improve your life...I am one of them., Call me to help you through this grand adventure we call life. I also offer EMAIL Readings, Most have reported through my many sites many positive things.The most common is about my accuracy and my ability to know of one's circumstance beforehand. I am also in tune to unseen forces that you may not be aware of or have time to think about.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I do answer many questions with care.I specialize in a persons motives and in a persons mindset. predicting of what they will do and what there feelings may be.All this relates to business,love and in many aspects of our life.It is the most popular questions presented to me,, the questions about how one feels and thinks.. I am an expert at predicting what a person will do and in many cases of what they will say. I prepare myself and many others of the things that will be.I also offer better choices helping many to think about there circumstances and what is really good for them.I offer many remedies and alternatives to there surroundings.Most have reported this as essential and find reasons to talk with me again.many do search for me and will continue to search for me as I become more available.I have helped many to expose fraud and to know the truth of things going on.I have proven myself time and time again becoming well known in the field.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have been using my ability all my life even though I did not quite understand it for a long time.I still am unaware of my limits and I do still continue to grow and manifest more. I always wonder what is next and some of my clients have said the same about me that it keeps getting better. My abilities continue to evolve and grow and my predictions continue to become more accurate and more in tune compared to the time when I first began. many times growing up I would use my ability and not even know I was using them.So far my ability is too See, hear,feel and think.Someitmes I can taste and smell when searching for answers and in some cases it just happens on its own.I continue to have dreams many times of future events. I continue to experience things that I have to do research on. I am still feeling new heights and I continue to pass that on to you.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.So many times in my life has my intuition and my perception has helped me and as well helped others.From the time I was a child,a teenager,until now. I can't claim to be perfect and to have the perfect life,but there are time when MY abilities have come into play.I have been led down this path as you may be led to me. Years of experience and knowledge is here. Understanding and compassion is in my energy waves.I have gained the trust of many and many do still look for me to this day.Finding me to find me again. It all began as a child when I told my dad of future events that did indeed manifest and happen.Describing things as a teenager that have a great significance to the things going on now. offering advise to many that have turned out in a positive way,At least that is what they tell me.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Many have received helpful advice and understanding about there circumstance. Many do receive accurate predictions within a reasonable time frame.Most have established a good personal relationship with me and would continue to find and use me as a tool for their personal conflicts.They would receive encouragement,Proven psychic ability and a growing relationship that they might not receive from there everyday lives. They would hear good things from me that they don't hear from others and warnings about there circumstances that many have found to be valid after they checked. Most receive the best of the best and that is what you should receive from me.
My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 4.56
out of 5
Answered Calls: 99% Answered Messages: 100% Favorited By: 3
Personality Score: 8.62
out of 10
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My Recent Reviews
  • marina111

    after dozens of calls this is my first and hopefully last poor review. that was the most generic call ever.. i asked if I will find new love and timing he said" yes along the way ...haha but until then you will meet people and people will come in and out of your life" now is there an human that this would not relate to? i understand reading are about connections and I have never in my life left a bad review but this one...not only not impressed with but oh BOY talking about someone not paying attention to the least bit.

    A Certified Master Psychic and Energy ConsultantThousands have liked my realistic style & would simply ask more questions when they were looking for certain details. Ridiculous

  • boot21

    Just as good as before.

    A Certified Master Psychic and Energy ConsultantAs always thanks.

  • boot21

    Whoa! A keen and insightful reader. No birthdates or lead in questions. Facts and truth. Had a short read and he communicated things that I was aware of. I liked his predictions as well. Very nice man and did not try to bait nor sugar coat. A trustworthy reader I feel.

    A Certified Master Psychic and Energy ConsultantMany Thanks for your supportive review however to eliminate any confusion with others. I am not in anyway affiliated with Keen,

  • Breezydays

    Amazing and very talented adviser. He was very detailed and direct. He was very polite also. Am sorry I had problem with my phone .I will call another time, thanks for your help

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My Recent Posts
  • A Certified Master Psychic and Energy Consultant

    Feedback not so good? Trouble with your co workers? Many find my intuition quite helpful.Find out why

  • A Certified Master Psychic and Energy Consultant

    If you are looking for certain details try to be more specific with your questions as I may not always be thinking about it

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