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Contact the other world through me and rest assured

I am an experienced intuitive and clairsentient who has operated the Ouija (pronounced wee-jah) board oracle for years and have made positive contact numerous times. I learned how to channel any negative forces away and banish them permanently. It may sound humorous, but I literally am a weather-vane in the spirit realm who protects you from harmful "guests" that may drop by during an Ouija seance and deliver harmful energies to you and people you know. Those Hollywood horror movies actually do have some truth behind them, believe it or not. The safe way to use an Ouija board is through people who have dealt with troublesome influences and learned how to keep a solid wall between them and the living. Not all spirits are negative spirits, of course, and your objective is to probably reach an intended spirit (i.e. a beloved relative who passed away tragically). That will be my goal also. So before I attempt any contact, I "filter" out uninvited spirits by detecting their true nature (as opposed to what they claim to be). If the energy from a presence passes my specialized "accuracy" test, we are good to go and you will receive answers to your questions. This method protects you and me 100%! After all, Ouija seances are supposed to be enlightening, not regretful. I use both a planchette and six-sided dice to make communication as clear as possible. Dice may sound awkward for Ouija, but they are actually very useful and effective communication tools. I also use other tools to enhance the experience, including oils and candles suited for the occasion. Not only will you SAFELY obtain the answers you desire, but you'll also have an opportunity to ask for advice from a presence, meaning you can be guided away from a path of regret to a path of success! There are plenty of benefits when you contact a welcome spirit. So if you are ready to see what's out there and how you may benefit from the discovery, I am here to guide you on a secure path to the amazing Ouija!

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
Visualization through Tarot, inviting desired presences through Ouija.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
Discovered how to use my intuitive abilities in 1995, beginning with Tarot decks. Began spiritual quests in 2003 and learned how to cast out negative influences over that time using internal energies.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
Ina psychic group using a customized Ouija board. Many answers came through regarding a deceased wife. Other times, success through traditional Ouija boards.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
Safe guidance to use of the Ouija oracle and spiritual contact if successful.

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Give me a call and allow me to connect you with the other side, minus the danger.

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