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Psychic Physical Empath, Divinely Guided =)

**PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT DO READINGS VIA TEXT, WEB CHAT or EMAIL. ONLY VIA PHONE, SKYPE OR IN PERSON. ESPECIALLY the FIRST reading. Possibly AFTER we connect, but not on the initial meeting. >>>I make myself available for ALL services for your convenience for GENERAL questions ONLY.<<<If you would like to talk to me in the future, PLEASE AVOID BEING BLOCKED-Leave a review after our call. Please, share your experience with others who are seeking guidance while helping me expand my business and reach. Much gratitude!

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
Although I can help you with ANY issue, concern or situation, it seems involving LOVE relationships tend to be what people are naturally drawn to talking to me most about, (besides Divine Soul Mission guidance.) This could also be FAMILY type love, or FRIENDSHIP type of love, even ANIMAL/PET love! Seriously! I help people understand the entire situation so they can communicate better and have better relationships. I do this for any kind of relationship, friend, family, work, lover...Maybe you just met someone and want to know what impressions I get regarding the two of you? Maybe you have tried and tried and are on the verge of calling it quits? Maybe you wonder if the person you're with is really the perfect person for you? Has things changed, but you don't know what exactly? Maybe you have a feeling about something and you need confirmation? There's a reoccurring issue with your family member, or friend. This is happening a lot: You met and you have NEVER felt like this before. What's UP?!?! Soul Mate, Twin Soul? Hmmm? Or many you are a little lost on your path or have issues that you need to work passed and you want deeper insight? Whatever the questions you have, I hope I look forward to talking with you and hopefully helping you with whatever you're going through! I also use a Pendulum, crystals, Angel, Faerie, and Dragonfae Tarot and Oracle divination via my other profile, Earth Mama V for Divine Soul Guidance! =) If you are interested in those services, please reach me via that profile! Thank you!

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
I began to talk and give advice to adults when I was 5 years-old. My parent's friends and strangers would sort of line up at gatherings and parties to talk to me. They would tell me what was on their mind, what they were worried or happy about, or they would ask me questions. None of it seemed odd to me, other than they didn’t do that with the other kids. What did seem odd to me where so many “supernatural” things that I experienced over the years, and there’s a lot (seeing spirits, remote viewing, premonitions, I even levitated once.) While I knew I had psychic abilities really didn’t understand that I was a Physical Empath until a several years ago after I realized that my life-long physical issues and being sick for most of my life leading ultimately to a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was all because of my empathic sensitivities. A medical doctor could give me the best diagnosis for my many physical issues, however the REAL problem was that I'm an Empath, moreover, a Physical Empath. My physical issues were 99% other people's energy. Anything physical they had going on, I felt but had no idea. I started having major physical issues from the time I was 7 years old. Finally at the age of 39 I felt normal once I was divinely told how to release all of it. Essentially, curing myself. Now, I have found that I can put my hands on other people or animals and help them release energy too, eliminating pain and restoring energetic balance. It truly is a dream come true to not only BE healthy, live my authentic life as a divinely guided Mystic, but to ALSO be able to HEAL people and animals! WOW! =) Life is SWEET! Once I cleansed and removed old, negative energy that had literally held me down from a very young age-I was healthy like never before and clear to receive information psychically better than ever and really go through my Ascension process, and begin my mission of helping people.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
I've always been using my abilities-just as I see and hear. I just wasn't always aware of what I was doing. I will say that I have experienced many different types of "psychic/supernatural/spiritual/metaphysical" abilities and situations. What I feel best about is when my abilities help people and I was guided here to help those who are seeking truth and want to live a happier life.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
I do "Empathic Counseling" more than a psychic reading. When you and I talk on the phone, we connect energetically. I'll have you center yourself, think of your person of interest and then I'll connect to you, and them through you. I'll get an overall impression of the situation, and that may come in a form of a word I hear, a vision I see, a feeling I get, etc. I receive messages in many different forms. Throughout my life as my guides would impress upon me what to do, or they would warn me and protect me. Now, I know that "whatever they are" actually are my Higher Self, Guardian Angles, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Cosmic Soul Family, etc.. I know that I am an Incarnated Angel/Shaman/Elemental. I also had lifetimes in other solar systems of creation. Having had many lives in many time periods and realms on Earth and beyond, I have a HUGE Spirt Team ready to help me (and you) whenever I ask. There are times when your own Spirit Team joins us and will also contribute, and you will know when that happens. Also, I am constantly guided to make connections with more "helpers"...So, my "abilities" continue to go deeper as my Spirit Team only wants to help me in my mission of helping others. What brings me the most happiness is helping people who are open to living a better life. I hope you are one of them. <3

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TODAY! 2/18/18 $1.11 =) SERIOUS ENERGIES still very CHARGED after the Solar Eclipse on 2/15. Want to KNOW? If so, LETS DO THIS!

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I'm guided today to lower my rate to $1.11/Min from $1.44/Min! Today is a GREAT day to get the answers you seek...

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Happy Blue Blood Full Moon! Today only $.99/Min! Take advantage! =)

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