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Welcome everyone my name is True Readings, I am very honored to assisting all of you with my spiritual helping, providing you the most benevolent insights possible.

Professionally I've been in this field for over 12 years, working locally in my hometown and online, I am a very in touch tarot/Clairvoyant and have been for all my life since a child. I currently work full time at cleansing, healing, protecting, special advisory and of course my mastery of the tarot.

My accuracy is 100% certain to all questions I answer regardless of the good or bad news I receive, my information is still all accurate, Emotionally, mentally, & spiritually I can help you.

Are you constantly worried about your future? worried about the next direction in your life? Are you in a relationship and need to be sure if things are going to the next level? Are you in search of love & want to see if abundance is in your future? Are you going after that new job or starting that new business journey and want to know if things will work out or not?

Whatever challenging questions you may have, I strive for perfection of accuracy in order to give you the most helpful & beneficial life tarot readings you desperately are in search of online.

If you have ever felt, there are answers and certain aspects to your life that you just have not been able to tap into because you just either can't tap into it yourself or you just could not find the right Tarot Life Adviser to connect to your higher spirituals as you needed.

I am very honest, straight forward, and DO NOT SUGAR COAT, is why I ask you for your patience, kindness and cooperation as I assist and advise you with not only helpful but vital information that you will need. With me your time is never wasted as I give you 100% Accuracy on answers to whatever you ask me without wonder if it matches up to your life. See you there ;-)

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.My areas of expertise would be my mastery in the tarot, I provide thorough spiritual tarot readings for personal life questions, love questions, money/Financial situation information, career, and many more. Simply drawn out by numbers from the patron themselves given by their spirit guides to me. By doing this I am always 100% accurate by the information given when drawing out the cards.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have always seen & heard spirits at a younger age, I guess because of my high interest & curiosity in them to finding out who these clear people were and why they came around me so much. I later learned that all they either wanted was mainly help or someone that can see or hear them so they can have someone live to talk to. This is how I began meeting (Living) people that I have never met before because of the messages I was receiving from family members or friends or their spirit guides in general from the other side in order to help them because they knew of-course certain things that they desperately needed their living loving ones to find out. This is what made me start loving, and embracing my gifts out of the love of helping people both living and is really not so hard once I got over my fear of seeing the actual spirits before me in their form of wears & sometimes pains of their departure. I knew I had more people to help which in turns absolutely make my gift special as to my realization of my discovery of my spiritual gift.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.Please CALL ME for Accurate & Highly onpoint Life readings. Don't except stories when you can have the truth. CALL NOW Thank You.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Many callers can expect a very professionally sincere tarot reader & advisory. My callers can expect 100% accuracy in their sessions with me as they will get as much information as I can possibly provide them with. I leave nothing in the dark from my clients as obviously my callers come for the absolute truth & respect of their personal privacy. My callers can expect a very welcoming, helpful & very informative consultation every time we speak.
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Average Call Rating: 3.65
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Answered Calls: 74% Answered Messages: 62% Favorited By: 9
Personality Score: 6.44
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My Recent Reviews
  • smartword2014

    By the time she finished shuffling the cards, it took 4 mins of my time and then she gave me inaccurate reading. Not happy with the reading. She didn't answer my question but instead told me other inaccurate readings about other people in my life.

  • sssafras

    She was shuffling cards for the first three minutes of the call. She picked up on the character of my POI and his behaviour however she seemed to only have insight as far as what the cards would tell her. For instance if I asked questions about the people she was referring to in my poi's circle, to try and narrow down who they might be, she couldn't identify them. What she did say about my POI was accurate tho. Once she started talking she was on a roll and relayed info to me that lined up with what I know about this person, but I prefer someone who has more of a psychic ability and I think she mostly just interprets the cards. Because I have to leave a review within a short time frame, I can't report if her predictions will be accurate. Also...even though I didn't ask her about finances, she started to tell me that I was going to be losing a lot of money, which just Instilled fear. She said someone will be cheating me out of a lot of money. However, the more I thought about it, the more I identified who is this person might be so I am going to try to put safeguards in place so this won't happen. If what she said is in fact true, I appreciate the heads up.

  • Neds2kk

    Man this girl amazing!!!!! I ran out of funds, but she is sooooo good and so encouraging!!!! So accurate, I'm telling you I don't write reviews, but she is amazing! Please call her.

  • hotreading123

    I am in touch with true readings. She is amazingly accurate and a detailed tarot reader. She is honest, and gives every details of the situation along with timelines. She is very intuitive, whatever she sees on the cards she interprets. No fabrication. Her judgement and hold as well knowledge on the cards are worth of 10 stars.

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