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A True Mystic Angel. Messenger, Naturally Gifted Healer, Gate Keeper, Guide, Medium, Channel, Light Warrior ~8~

Hello and Welcome. INFINITI first sparked in our infinite creation as a First 8 Angel. Being on Gaia(Earth) many times before and in different realms. Always in the capacity to learn and grow as an Angelic when in Human Form, and always to help Humanity, to be a Light Worker and Warrior a Naturally Gifted Healer and she is A True Messenger. Her Mission in this life is to help. She connects with her Spirit Tribe and many entities/forms to get her information, but is closest to her Brothers ad Sisters, The Archangels and Angels, The Ascended Masters and YOUR Spirit Tribe to get the information that is important for you to have at this time. She is a Psychic, Physical Empath, Medium/Channel-Divine Soul Guide. If she uses her cards with you, traditional spreads and meanings do not apply to INFINITI'S readings. It is always interesting, empowering and fun for her and her clients to find out what their Spirit Tribe has to say and how it comes across is very meaningful. INFINITI, being an Angelic has developed her Light Body to the point that she can put her hands on humans and animals and heal them. She is the real deal, as they say. Go to INFINITI when you want a loving, honest and authentic exchange with a true Earth Angel. You can talk to her about anything, even if it's a sensitive love or sexual concern or issue-nothing is off limits. She truly is a safe person to open up to and seek guidance from. PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE A REVIEW WITHIN 72 HOURS AFTER YOUR CALL if you would like to talk to her again! >>>NOTE: INFINITI OFFERS READINGS VIA PHONE/SKYPE/IN PERSON ONLY. WEB CHAT/TEXT & EMAIL IS AVAILABLE FOR GENERAL INQUIRES. Please call her if you are guided to receive a reading with her. Thank you!

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
If you need help with something, and you're guided to ask ME-I'll have the help you need. Yet, remember-mostly I am just The Messenger, not relying much on my own personal experiences, but knowledge and greater, divine understanding as it comes to me, and I can connect things for you and myself, depending on how it goes...It's always a constant flow of information, visions, physical sensations, and a plain KNOWING from different places and in different ways, it's wild-to say the least. But, I do my very best to give you what I feel is most important for what you are meant to know. So- Anything you want to talk to me about, ANYTHING. Even sexual in nature. Please don't let the ANGEL thing throw you. If you aren't sure of what we can discuss, please send an email, text or web chat. I know A LOT about ENERGY, LOVE/SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS, ETC. PLEASE NEVER feel that you can't say ANYTHING to me, or ASK ANYTHING. It really is safe. ~~~~ Oh, and no matter what, it's always real and usually fun on some level, or at the very least enlightening. I love to laugh, it's always felt so good to me, like a song and a dance in our bodies, sending out pure joy energy...Anyway, I cannot promise that you will hear or get what you are longing for, or that when we talk you won't cry, or that you'll only laugh, right? But, it will feel Authentic. Real. Love. That, I can promise. If that sounds good to you, I'm buzzing with anticipation to connect. ~iNF!NiT!

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
It's a LONG story, and a very intense process my entire life. But the first times I can remember knowing that what I could do was different than most people, was when I was 5 and I was giving Messages to people. They paid attention because of the nature of the specific details I would give about things I, as a child couldn't possibly know about them, or about in general. When I was 9, my Grandfather on my Mother's side, was a Parapsychologist and he knew I was different and worked with me. Meditation, Hypnosis, Astral Protection and working with a Pendulum. I took to all of it very quickly. More intense experiences would come, including seeing Spirits and even floating/levitating when I was 11 years old, and recently too. =)

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
INFINITI IS ALSO KNOWN ON THIS SITE UNDER THE PROFILES: MYSTERIOUS HEART AND SOUL & TALK TO EARTH MAMA & THE NEW ONE ABOUT ENERGY HEALING<INFINITE LOVE ENERGY>. It's really hard to pinpoint things, I'm always using them, I'm a Psychic Physical Empath---but throughout most of my life I didn't know what I was doing, who I was, and what I am here for. Life was very confusing, trust me. I always KNEW THINGS. FELT CONNECTED, FELT PROTECTED, FELT GUIDED, FELT THE LOVE...But life was still VERY hard. Especially being so sick most of my life, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 25 after lifelong INEXPLAINABLE physical issues, serious ones. From very serious stomach issues to very serious brain (strokes) issues, not to mention being highly suicidal at times because I was so sick, life seemed like a pointless battle I was just surviving, and I didn't like it one bit, things were serious-We are talking VERY intense physical issues...Year long State Disability many times, unable to work or be around people.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
Your calls are being recorded for my personal business use, quality and as a record of working with our Spirit Tribes. If you find yourself drawn to INFINITI, it is most likely because you are being guided by your Guardian Angels and your Higher/Highest Self to meet at this time, to receive what she has been brought to you to give to you. if If you're not sure, ASK THEM. LISTEN. There's also a very good chance your Soul recognizes/is drawn to her vibration...There is a reason for this. Light & Truth is are very high vibrations. Love is the highest, and she carries all three. Please, understand that Truth is what you ultimately are seeking. It always feels the very best. If you do not agree, do not call her. If you want the Truth: Set aside your ideas and judgements of what it is that is what you think is happening, that you want answers about, that you want validation for, that you want more clarity on and let The Messages come. We are The Angels, and we whisper to you constantly, she can speak for us in a way that makes it easier for you to hear, to recognize. If you chose to. NOTE: EXPECT ONCE YOU CONNECT WITH INFINITI THAT YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR HIGHER SELF & SOUL TRIBE, ETC. WILL BEGIN TO GREATLY INCREASE. IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS LEVEL OF CONNECTION WITH YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, DO NOT CALL HER. It can be INTENSE, but extraordinarily EMPOWERING. But, we ask you this-WHY WASTE ANOTHER SECOND? Maybe spend a day or two asking about INFINITI-The Incarnated Angel, and waiting for the answers to come. See where you find yourself.

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