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Allow Healing Energy to Nourish Your Soul - Receive Answers from Your Guides and the Tarot.

A Tarot Reading can help you see your life path clearly and help you feel more confident in your own intuitive knowing. I do not predict the future. However, as an Empath, I connect with your energy essence and using the cards for interpretation. I help you to receive insight into what's being created and manifested in your life. I can help you to find new direction and peace along your journey. When receiving a reading, it helps if you clear your mind before the call and take three deep breaths to clear stagnant energies. Be open to receiving divine guidance and insight from the cards; set this intention, before the reading and you shall receive. I connect to Spirit daily in order to provide an illuminating experience to my readings through my psychic awareness and divine interpretation of Tarot. You may not always hear exactly what you want to hear but it can help you to make adjustments that move you in the direction of your heart's desire. My intention is to be an extension of divine love and light that you may find peace and clarity when receiving a reading from me. Also, I love doing email readings the most as they allow me more space to focus on you and your question as I consult the Tarot cards and your Spirit guides. So send me a message anytime and I will be happy to respond and provide you with clear guidance that you can read and re-read anytime you need encouragement. Love and Blessings, Kelara

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
I am a gifted tarot reader and also do oracle readings. By connecting to your energy essence, I am able to provide spiritual guidance to help facilitate the process of healing and restoration to your life. I am also a certified Reiki Healer and can send healing energy and prayers upon your request. Also, check out my products for help with strengthening your own spiritual life.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
I have been aware of my abilities for more than 10 years now. I have developed my gifts by providing readings to family and friends and also as a member of a private psychic group for over seven years.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
As a natural empath, I have always had the ability to connect to the emotional and spiritual healing needed by those around me. I now work with Divine Feminine Energy and the Violet Flame to help clients receive healing and restoration.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
A consultation with Kelara will help you feel more clear and at peace with your life. Kelara will help you to create a strategy for your spiritual development and prosperity. As we travel together into your personal story, expect a spontaneous healing process to begin.

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Happy New Year Beloveds! On this Cancer Super Full Moon, the energies and emotions are running high. A reading with me can help

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January 1st is a full moon in Cancer at 11 degrees, with Saturn 11 degrees Capricorn. It's Manifestation Time!

9m 20d
I hope all enjoyed their Christmas holiday. Sending peace and love to all. Looking forward to the new year and new beginnings

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Check out my first video. I look forward to providing golden gems of info for those in search of greater peace and prosperity.

1y 3m
Friday's Cancer New Moon will cause heightened emotions this week. Be sure to give yourself extra love and care. Namaste, Kelara

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