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Tarot, I-Ching & Reiki Master; Spellcaster, Life Coach, Traditional Herbalist.

I am a naturally gifted psychic who has been practicing professionally for 15yrs. I specialize in love & relationship issues, career & money matters. Sharing your problems with me is like talking to a best friend next door! Are you looking for someone to give you accurate readings, who will be honest and help you work through your problems? I will not only predict the future, but I will use my vast knowledge and life coaching skills where necessary to guide you in finding solutions to the problems that ails you. If your issue requires a ritual/spell that is within my powers, you can expect positive results. I have a 98% success in using rituals to change the outcome of a troubling situation in favor of my clients. Each ritual is tailored to each client's needs - I take your situation to my Spirit Guides in morning meditation and each client gets a ritual directly from Spirit. Do you want to know what's going on in your love life? What is he/she thinking of you? How will things turn out for you in this relationship? Is there a ritual/spell to change the situation in your love life? I will give you honest answers to these questions. Is there a rival at work or a neighbour whom you suspect is working against you? Do you feel confused about where your career is going? How will your luck run in your exams or in an upcoming interview for a new job or entry into a university of your choice? You may be thinking of changing your residence - is this the right time to do so or what does the place you are planning to move to hold for you? Are you burdened by a spell, black magic, bad luck that you cant explain in various areas of your life? I am here to help you with honest readings, accurate predictions and spells that work! As a Reiki Master, I can help you become more stable emotionally and spiritually by clearing and balancing your chakras. If you need indepth guidance & counseling, I will be your Life Coach as well as your Spiritual Counselor.

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
General Readings (looking at your life in general) Love & Relationship issues; Career & Money matters; Ritual Spells; Prosperity, Life Coaching.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
I was born with the gift of seeing things in dreams before they happen. My parents tells stories of this happening since I was a toddler. I became a Reiki initiate in 1999 and the flood gates of abilities opened. Both my Masters throughout my Reiki training said I had 'The Gift', and they both sought to guide me. My last master gave me my Reiki Master Degree for free and introduced me to the Indian Medicine Cards deck. However my Guides chose the Rider Waite deck for me and taught me to read them. Over the years all my divination tools, healing stones, and most of what I use to practice psychotherapy and my healing work were given to me by Reiki Master and people whom I used the gift to help over the years. Some by expert healers who saw this as my life purpose. So the chip doesnt fall too far from the block - I am a decendant of the powerful Cockpit Country Maroons who are still famous for their powerful Ashante ancestral rituals - using healing rituals with herbs and the cosmic forces here in Jamaica.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
My first online job as a psychic was on Oranum where I spent 1 year and was mentioned in Lucy's Psychic Reviews 2013; among the top 5 presenters. I helped well over 200 clients diuring that time. Since 2003 I have formed my company Sankofa Inc. providing divination as a part of my approach to psychotherapy and holistic alternative health care. I occasionally appear on Nation Wide FM in Kingston Jamaica doing Love & Relationship readings for callers to the Musshy Mondays with DJ Miss Kitty since 2015. Tarot readings at the Christmas Fair at Devon House Lawns Kingston Jamaica in the early 2000s....ect.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
Sharing your problems with me is like talking to a long lost friend. I am non-judgemental, open to people of all cultures, races, sexuality, religions as well as athiests - all are welcome. You will find that though I'm compassionate, I will not sugar-coat the message. I tell it as I see it.

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