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Average Rating: 4.73
87% calls answered.72% msgs answered. Favorited By 11 Callers

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i will help with Love, Marriage, unblock any confusion, and all of lifes problems

As a clairvoyant. or one who sees that which is unseen, i am able to read auras and see visions, as a spiritualist i am able to attain all that destiny had planned for them i was born with a gift and been helping people with it for as long as i can remember i have helped hundreds of people with my abilities all of my life and now i want to help thousands using this site you will not regret calling don't wait call now and all of those questions you have will be answer

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
i specialize in tarot cards so if my client has problems with love the tarot cards with have the answers, if they want to know why they are losing sleep at night the tarot cards will have the answers like i say, I'm just the vessel i let the tarot cards give me the answers and i help my clients to understand i have the answers to lost relationships, finance, depression, love, uncertanty, past life regression, chakra balancing

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
i've been aware of my abilities for as far back as i can remember it was just something that has always been by my side like a faithful companion, as a child i would see someone hurting and my gift would help me put a smile on their face again be it a family member or a complete stranger, but as the older i got the urge to help people got stronger and stronger and thats when i decided that i should choose my gift as a career so here i am

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
I've been helping people with my gift since as far back as i can remember, i was in church one day praying for one of my clients and when i lifted my head i felt like there was someone who needed help, so i got up from my seat and started looking around and i found this woman with a puzzled expression on her face, i asked her if i could open my tarot cards for her and i saw so many things from her past, present, and future, after the reading she told me that she was going to commit suicide but something was calling her into the church, since our work together then she has been one of my clients that I've helped live life to the fullest with happiness and clarity, this is only one of my many experiences with my clients

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
straight forward answers to the questions that made them call in the first place, words of guidance and clarity, i make my clients feel like we're sitting on their living couch at ease i speak with my clients and want them to understand the words that I'm saying, I'm just the vessel i let the cards speak and i translate

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I'm feeling like I will be able to connect with you through our next call

Cards are open my energy is up give me a call and every question you have will be answered 🔮

🔮I have my candles lit and my energy is at Its peak right now the cards will be very accurate today give me a call, 🔮

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