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I have been psychic all my life. I have experienced my gift since early childhood. At the beginning I would see visions either when I was wide awake or sleep. At the beginning I did not pay attention but later I realized anything I would see in my vision eventually it would come true. I saw the death of my aunt when I was only 8 years old child. I tried my best to tell her to be careful and stay away from anything that carries electricity. She did not think much of it, and only 3 months later we heard horrifying new that she accidently got electrocuted and died. Later on I started noticed aura around people and after awhile I started experiencing other entities around me specifically when I was sleep. Many times I would get messages from them and many times they would be so frightening that I would experience sleep paralysis because I did not know how to handle it without being scared. IT took awhile that I realized I have a gift and I see things, beings, and other entities between this world and the other world. And I decided to let it flow and use my gift for the benefit of the people. I have been doing reading since I was 12. It is a rewarding experience helping people and giving them strength and hope through their journey in this world.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.Love Issues and investigations...Getting into the mind and the heart of the person or persons in question,making an accurate assessment of the situation. Accurately addressing the problems at hand and giving a reasonable solution that fits. Offering time frames that hit the mark and are in the ball park. Helping those who help me.Sending good energy to those who send good energy to me, Making a difference that has been guaranteed by many. Being much more than just a psychic reader but a real shoulder to lean on when no one else would do.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?All my life.I have been psychic all my life but was not aware of what I was doing until later. I had dreams that came true at age 5 and I had seen ghost with no one in particular to teach me about what was happening but maybe that was a good thing. I began telling people what was going to happen to them and my mom and dad made me stop. I communicated with my grandfather who past by asking him to turn my lights off which he did. Later a friend told me your psychic and through her I began reading different people.. She brought me to the house. My abilities have developed through hands on experiences. You exercise your mind,sight and feelings by doing.I have continued to grow and Improve to this day.I still continue to update and grow for you as a psychic and a friend. Guaranteed and backed by many. If you are not ready for me yet. Please come and see the improvements that come at another time, but hurry while I am still available.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have done one on one private readings, psychic fairs and group readings. For an example a lady came up to me and said...I hear you read palms... I said yes I do... She and her friend laughed a sarcastic laugh she said.. OK will you read mine right quick? I said sure. She worked at a department store that I frequent. I told her that she will have twins along with other information I gave her. She seemed disappointed and walked away. Three weeks later she ran up to me when I entered the store and shouted she was pregnant! She explained that she and her husband had been married 11 years and tried to have children. She kept asking me.. How did you know??? She was tearing up. She hugged my neck and I never saw her again. She quit her job so she would not miscarry. THIS is what it is all about. My gifts are to help people and show them better things to come!
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?My delivery is straight forward with compassion. I give you inspiration and hope. I tell you what I see and hear and you may ask questions at any time or you can have a general reading with no information given to me by you.I have my Tarot cards close so if you would like for me to use the tarot please feel free to let me know. I am easy to work with and will address your concerns as you see fit.Will address issues as you would like. I offer more details when needed or I will move on to other subjects when you are ready.. You may guide your reading as you need or you can have a blind reading without you saying a word
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