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Aura Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Aura

aura cleaning

Spring cleaning is just as necessary for our spirits as it is for our homes. One aspect of our inner-selves that requires regular cleansing is our aura. To refresh, an aura is a human energy field that is directly connected our seven chakras.

Those that aren’t the type to cleanse the aura daily or after having mingled with large groups of people, may have extra energies clinging or riding along for better or for worse. So, while you are already in the spirit of Spring cleaning as the weather gets warmer, be sure to set time aside to focus on cleansing your aura.

Sweeping Away Unwanted Energies

One of the simplest ways to cleanse your aura is to step outside and run your hands over yourself and focus on your energies.

Visualize yourself brushing away energy that has accumulated like dust.

Visualize the dust trickling ground below you.

With your eyes closed and as you drift into different color expressions -Focus specifically on areas in your mind that have a brownish or grayish hue. After you have brushed the negative energy away, be sure to give yourself a little shake to remove any tiny remnants you may have missed.

aura cleanse

Deep Energy Cleaning

For a heavy-duty cleansing -Try combining these focused visualizations with healing crystals. Popular crystals used for this purpose are Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst.

Rose Quartz will work on an emotional level, and Amethyst will work on a spiritual level.

Clear Quartz will simply neutralize all negative energy. Begin by entering a meditative state. Relax and breathe deeply and evenly. Visualize your aura of light, and when you are ready, with your crystal in hand, gently run it through and around your aura, visualizing it absorbing and neutralizing any negativity that is clinging to you.

Do this for as long as you feel the need. Once you’ve finished, do a check by running your hands around your aura and try to sense whether there are any areas that feel cold or unpleasant.

Helping Hands

Some work is just unmanageable on our own. Just as some hire a maid when housework becomes overwhelming, others may be better helped by an energy healer.

Energy healing sessions can help clean blockages and balance misalignment. Healers also check for negative entities and emotional cords ripe for a cutting. Don’t underestimate the power of these energy checkups. Many find that current mood swings or imbalanced emotions improve with a few simple sessions or little guidance.