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  • MadamSage MadamSage at

    3rd generation clairvoyant

    0 $1.50/min
  • Advisor Natalie Advisor Natalie at

    Find the answers you were looking for in full detail! I am open to any topic,

    0 $0.99/min
  • spiritual psychic healer spiritual psychic healer at

    spiritual psychic healer can help you in all matters in lifecall now so I can help Marine 3 free minutes

    0 $5.99/min
  • testpsy testpsy at


    1 $1.99/min
  • Psychic Love and Relationship Specialist Clairvoyant Psychic Love and Relationship Specialist Clairvoyant at

    Do you need love advice? Do you want to get your love, back in your life? Are you confused in relationship?

    0 $3.00/min
  • Find Out His Secrets Find Out His Secrets at

    Has your man been acting sneaky and suspicious? Find out why!

    0 $1.00/min
  • Master Tarot Mystic Master Tarot Mystic at

    Accurate love readings

    0 $0.99/min
  • Life Coach and Metaphysical Adviser Life Coach and Metaphysical Adviser at

    Teacher Seeks Pupil.....Must have a sincere desire to change your world.....Intuitive, Empathic Life Coach can help.....Call Now

    0 $1.99/min
  • Channels psychic meditation Channels psychic meditation at

    If you are feeling like you need some assistance to strengthening your spirituality a psychic meditation will fufill you.

    2 $0.99/min
  • TarotCardReadingsByBrenda TarotCardReadingsByBrenda at

    Let the tarot cards unfold your future

    1 $5.99/min
  • woman of wisdom woman of wisdom at

    highly intelligent

    0 $3.89/min
  • PsychicZubi PsychicZubi at

    Accuracy at it's peak 15 years experience.

    0 $2.99/min
  • Moon goddess of Love Moon goddess of Love at

    Stop wondering whats on your Lovers Mind Find out NOW

    0 $0.99/min

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