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  • Restless Intuition Restless Intuition at

    Davidson Certified !! Tested and Re Tested, Years of hourly experience

    Available 0 $2.44/min
  • Magic Man Magic Man at

    Powerful Insights for the Taking,I am Respectfully Certified and Licensed,

    Available 0 $2.33/min
  • Solid & Quick Solutions abt Relationships Solid & Quick Solutions abt Relationships at

    Love, Relationship, Soul mate connection, Marriage and divorce, Reuniting lovers, Single and dating

    Available 3 $1.99/min
  • Helps in all areas of life Helps in all areas of life at

    Want to know about a certain someone ? Or just need answers ? Call me now

    Available 0 $1.99/min
  • Love Psychic Isabella Love Psychic Isabella at

    I will help in all problems!!!

    Available 0 $1.75/min

    ESP Research and Paranormal investigator ....Fox 6 WBRC BIRM.

    Available 0 $2.22/min
  • Tarot reader Julia Tarot reader Julia at

    Tarot reader the cards have the answers

    Available 0 $1.99/min
  • Brittney star Brittney star at

    I'm a carring and straight forward psychic that will guide you on the right path

    Available 2 $2.00/min
  • I am the psychic that will tell you what you need to know I am the psychic that will tell you what you need to know at

    Are you tired of searching for the answers and not getting anywhere I'm here to help you through it

    Available 0 $1.99/min
  • Lady Dee the Lady of the Light Lady Dee the Lady of the Light at

    Master Psychic Reader wtih 30 Years Experience

    Available 1 $3.99/min
  • Psychic Crystal M Psychic Crystal M at

    Do you have questions about your soulmate? Do you have unanswered questions? Why not get a reading by me .

    Available 2 $1.99/min
  • Tartot Life Transformations Tartot Life Transformations at

    Let me help you transform your life to exactly what you want!

    Available 0 $2.99/min
  • Have You Separated From Karmic Soulmate Age Gap Ten Years Have You Separated From Karmic Soulmate Age Gap Ten Years at

    Find Your Karmic Soulmate

    Available 2 $0.99/min
  • Rosalie Moon Rosalie Moon at

    Love Psychic ava can and will reunite you with any and all lost or stolen love within 24hrs guaranteed

    Available 0 $1.00/min
  • pyschic sophia pyschic sophia at

    i well help in all matters of life

    Available 0 $2.99/min

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