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The Silver Lining

Profile#406287 The Silver Lining 1 I am New Here! Tested True. Try an Energy Boost, Activate more Brain Power/awareness, Remove Blocks, Awakening, Activations.

Life can be awesome. Once I had one of these sessions completed on me, I became aware that I had no idea how much weight I was carrying around in my energetic body. After the session, I felt light, wonderful, clear minded, fully functioning beyond expectations ever before, and my brain was working like never before. The change was subtle at first, but, over the next few days, things would come quickly to me, and I felt like I could do almost anything. My gifts were coming out, and I had a keyed in feeling to the Divine Realm of Love. It kept developing over the next few weeks and several months.
Years later I realized that The Divine was connecting me to help others as well. People would ask me for help, and I would wonder how I could ever do that, and while I was thinking about it, they would suddenly exclaim that it was done. I really hadn't done anything except connect to Divine and ask. People would comment that when they had a reading with me, their lives seemed so much better by some invisible blanket of protection for their happiness.
So I started doing this, and worked on the woman who had awakened me. She said she felt like never before, and full of energy. This is to give you a boost or clearing or spiritual awakening/activation, or an energetic healing, as described in this listing.
If you have questions, email me.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.Energetic Healings/Activations can be used in any area of Life. It will not go against your free will, and it will not go against Divine Loves free will to bring betterment and enlightenment specifically for you, again, according to your Free Will.</p> <p>Your Energetic Body is key in your overall well-being. The Power of the Divine Love can cleanse, energize, and heal your Energetic Energy Fields. Mental Emotional Issues do well, Physical Issues are helped, Blockages are helped, and Awakenings and Activations are helped.,/p> <p>Depending on you, any of these areas may begin the shift you into a........." starting to glow and flow in the right directions", process. More can happen, it is up to you to begin the shift and change process. (If you need this, and would like a discount to see how it works, I can arrange that for you. Please email me to coordinate.)
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have been aware that I knew more than the average Human since 5 years old, but did not become aware of this ability, to be a Conduit to the Divine Love, to help others transform themselves to a better place.</p> <p>I would say things when I was younger that I shouldn't know, and had a very strong desire to help everyone when I could see something was wrong. I used words a child didn't know, and remember my parents asking me about those words. Words like Fullfilling, Abstract, Confused, and say things like, Humans are sad, Humans get lost and I can help them.</p> <p>It was not until my adulthood that I became aware of exactly what was going on in me, when another woman healer/activator worked on me. She did not try to do this for me, she was just removing fears within me, but somehow whatever she did, completely awoke the gifts within. I tune in to the Divine Source of Love, and have developed this over the years by attending classes and gatherings to understand more about this.</p> <p>We can all allow this Divine Energy to flow into our lives in a new way.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.During times together with individuals, I have had people tell me, that THEY see the Light of the Divine during this process, confirming it is indeed the Grace of The Highest Divine Love (God, The Great Mystery, etc.). I have had people say they know they are receiving, and some have started to see Visions during a session as I do, and can tell me information about what is happening, and what they are feeling.</p> <p>It's a Transformative Process, and sometimes the Recipient can receive messages to help themselves, and sometimes they see different kinds of Light. They have said they can feel the Energies of Betterment and Love flowing to them. They have confirmed that their experience with this has brought them a knowing their life will be better.</p> <p>I have had people say that they felt a Block being removed, when I hardly did anything at all. Hence, why I say, "The Divine Source of Love uses me as their allows the life changing energies to flow to you".</p> <p>I have used this with people, animals, nature and have experienced a powerful sensation of Loving Grace moving and flowing through, as well as the Living Essence of Love's Divinity enlightening you, and allowing you to experience the shear Grace and Magnitude of it's Presence.</p> <p>Hands-On is not necessary, though I always do when someone can be in my presence. The Divine Love of the Highest will find you during the session, regardless. It often does take two people though, one to receive and one to send to the receiver. You need a good sender, a good receiver. No one has to be perfect, but a certain mindset is important, used with your free will. Most important, the beliefs you hold to the very core of your Being will dictate how productive this can be. It never goes against free will, and only the Highest Order of Divine Love can read each individuals wishes, desires, and fears, and again your openess or not.</p> <p>It can be Surprising Delightful and will open your Heart to Divine Love.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?You can expect to go through a Unique Energetic Healing Session that will bring you to a better place in your Life, rather it is big or small. It usually begins a process that can continue for the rest of your Life, if you remain connected and thankful.</p> <p>You may become enlightened, while learning that Divine Love is there for you, and just sometimes needs You, to allow it to come to you in a new way.</p> <p>Do ask your Higher Self and Your Heart to open to this, to begin a journey of cleansing, self empowerment, and/or finding or expanding your sacred super powers. We all have a few in there somewhere!
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