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The Anointed Healer Paradise Morgan You Can Heal Over 25 Yrs Exp

Profile#711356 The Anointed Healer Paradise Morgan You Can Heal Over 25 Yrs Exp 0 ~All Questions Answered~Heal Yourself~Physically~Spiritually~Mentally~I Have Helped 1000's~Can Help You~

~PARADISE MORGAN~ offers Quality Healing Services at Affordable prices. Paradise believes that you are the sum total of your experiences.
Paradise is dedicated to helping those who are ready to be released from the prison of sickness. Paradise understands that if you are reading this invitation for Positive Healing and Transformation then you are ready to move in the direction of Eternal Healing. Using a combination of Intimate Assessments and Coordinated Processes. Paradise Morgan is able to locate Blockages currently keeping you from the Healing Path, and Limiting your potential to create the Life of Wellness, Success, Happiness and Abundance You Deserve. For clients with severe special situations there are sometimes opportunities to make payment adjustments. Although rare sometimes when the need is very severe . Paradise uses her Intuitive Gifts to determine when an exception should be made. Paradise truly Loves Others and Has dedicated her Gifts and Life's Research to the continuous help of others. Learning Natural Medicine through her American Indian Heritage. She begin assisting those in need of Healing at a very youthful age. She has continued on that path and helped Thousands of all races and from all walks of life. Other tools used are her Highly Intuitive Gift, Life Circle Readings(will be explained in email intake and sent with wellness assessments to complete) Intercessory Prayer,, Meditation Resources(If client chooses), Herbal Remedies Suggestions and Assistance, Guided Heal Yourself Consults, Etc....

Paradise Ask that we Please Remember that there are many paths to get to the same place ~ Each Healing Process is tailored to the Unique individual and no path is the same. Just as we are Wonderfully Made we are equally Special and Beautifully Different.
Paradise Morgan is a strong Faith Follower. She also recognizes that God is called by many names and is always open and joyous to receive invitations to help all of Gods Children.
~Thank You~God Bless ~

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.My areas of Expertise are in Healing the Body, Mind and Soul. I am only interested in helping not hurting. I am seeking to help those who are willing to Believe beyond what they are currently facing. Faith is a very large part of healing. If the Faith is not there , its ok Faith can be Grown even while going through the process. I will teach you how. I specialize in all things that need Healing Including Breakups, Addictions, Fears, All Emotional Healing, All Psychical Healing, All Soul Matters that need healing, I offer Distance Healing, Energy Work, And offer valuable tools for every Healing Need. Healing is not For the Timid, it must be taken seriously if you wish to truly Heal. I am Here for you to make sure you succeed...
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?Since age 5 I have been gifted to Know my Calling and walked strongly in it all my Life. I thank God for this gift. It is nothing that was created by myself.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have healed Many,Many others over the years in many areas. Once there was a gentlemen suffering from a mental illness.They said he would never be well again. His parents found me and requested my service. After months and months of work and dedication on both ends. This Mans Life was totally transformed. After removing many blockages and Clearing his Living spaces remotely and continuously. He is now full of excitement for life and able to function in the world again as a normal Human Being with no signs of his Mental Illness. Thank You God.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Callers can expect a empathetic caring consultation that leads to clarity and relief. The aim is to be understanding of the needs of others. When a person is calling out to you for a reason that is important to them, you must humbly listen and offer them what they need, not what you want.
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