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Receive Guidance for the Future and Learn how Past Lives are Influencing You Today!

Nicole began experiencing her gifts at a very young age. Over the last few years, she has worked hard to harness these gifts for the Highest Good of all involved. She is a gifted Psychic, Medium and Healer. Her specialty involves connecting with your Guides and deceased loved ones to bring forward messages that you want and need to hear to live a happy and purpose filled life. She also does distance healings as a Reiki Master and house clearings.

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
I specialize in healing. Healing can take many forms and be physical or emotional. I work hard to help my clients overcome any obstacles in their lives. Being able to recognize a pattern from a past life or gain insight into their future empowers people to take a leap of faith or begin healing. As a Reiki Master, I also conduct distance healings and house clearings.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
I have been aware of my abilities since I was a young child. I remember being about 9 when I finally realized that most people didn't hear other people speaking in their head, nor did they feel the physical and emotional pain of people around them. It took me into my late 20's to understand what I as capable of as well as how to shield myself. In the last couple of years, I have worked closely with a Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master to strengthen my own healing abilities and increase my connection to the other side.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
I use my abilities everyday so it is so hard to pick out a few instances. There have been a few instances where clients have come back to me weeks or even months later to tell me how much something I saw during a reading helped them. In one instance, I saw into the Past Life of someone I as reading. It played out like a Wild West movie in front of my eyes. As weird as this vision seemed, it helped her work through many things she was experiencing in her life now.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
A caller can expect that I, as a Psychic Medium will help them through various situations they may be experiencing (love, loss, money issues, am I on the right path?, etc.) I use Tarot as well as my connection to Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones to answer any questions and even bring forward messages and knowledge that you did not realize you were searching for or needing to hear.

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