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I'm New Here, with 15 years exp..The Spirit's Fire Of Life Lives On In The Light, Let's connect to Your Loved One!

Greetings from this Side! Thank You for Allowing Yourself To Believe! Your Loved Ones, People and Pets, Love You From The Other Side. Stronger and Better Than Ever! I am a 4th Generation Clairvoyant, which means Clear Vision, or the Third Eye. I was born with this far reaching Gift along with Clairsentience or Clear Feeling, Clairempathy or Feeling Clear Emotions, Clairaudience or Clear Knowing, Telepathy or Clear Channel from the Higher Orders of Divine Love, all mixed in with a touch of Clairscentience or Clear Smelling. I have been helping people with a passion. I try to help with compasion, to Guide you with Care. Through my professional Readings over the last 15 years, I have been asked to commune with those on The Other Side with my regular customers. The first time we attempted this, the loved ones came through quite well. With my gifts, I often see their images, their personality, their stances, and can receive answers and messages from them for you. I don't know how to say I was born with this, but I guess I was and did not realize it until asked, because of my strict upbringing. Due to this fact, at an young age, my parents tried to force away my gifts, and the Mediumship layed dormant until I was asked by a Believer to help them. Voila, there it was. My other Gifts stayed alive regardless, and I have embraced them and found my path helping others. Fast Forward, I have learned about the Other Side through my Readings, and discovered that Life exists in the After Life, the Beyond, in the Kingdom of God, in the Power of Universal Love. This place is so pure and so powerful for the Souls or Spirits that have crossed over, they are so so empowered themselves. Most of all they want you to feel Light, the Light of Love, the Love from Within, and the Love from the Divine Spirit, or the Great Divine Mystery that lies within everything everywhere, and is pure in the great Divine Light of the Other Side.

Questions and Answers

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
Hence, the name Kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope is defined as a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements. As in, ~the dancers moved in a kaleidoscope of color~, as in, symmetrical geometric design, as in, physical Science polarization optics and the properties of LIGHT. Kaleidoscope comes from the greek words meaning BEAUTIFUL FORM WATCHER. The Inventor of this object took Kalos, the greek word for Beautiful, Eodos, the greek word for Shape, and Scopeo, the greek word for watching to form Kaliedoscope. In my expeiences of communing with the Other Side, I can see how beautiful it is to them, and how beyond words the experience is. It is so easy being immersed in the pure raw power of love over there, easy to forget how difficult the earth walk can be for some. Everything there is more intense, but only in the power of Love and Light itself. They only wish we could use that power more often and fuller in our earthwalks, in our Lives. They always seem to want to get the message across to simply lighten up! Love more, fully richer, deeper. Love yourself more. So thank you for being open, allowing yourself to expand, rediscovering you, and them, and allowing for the Divine Healing of Love to shower all over you.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
I will connect to The Other Side of Love with you to allow you to feel that connection, commune with that connection, and bring you some answers and some messages from them. It works berst if you ask me questions for them to answer. We will take about 45 seconds to connect to them first, and I will tell you what I am receiving. I ask for first name only, (no birthdates) the relation to you, and any topic you wish to speak about. My gifts are voice activated, and will start to channel as you are speaking.

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It's Awesome August! Do something wonderful for yourself. Feel more Freedom, your Freedom. Start the "Fantastic" in yo

5m 14d
I'm New Here, Not new Reading. I have 15 years experience & have discounted my price from $4.50 to $1.89 per min!!

2y 1m
Your Loved Ones always progress to a better place on the other side. They love you too, and often care more there.

2y 5m
Don't let those questions go unanswered. We can find answers, truths, and messages for you.

2y 6m
Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.......anonymous

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