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art of psychics

Profile#1156894 art of psychics 0 I want to help the others

My aim is facilitating the people

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  • Describe your areas of expertise.I have over 5 years of experience in this field.I started off reading family and close friends when i first discovered that I was blessed with this special gift.My path of spiritual realationship goes way back to my family bloodline.My ability to attain insight into the mystic world was passed down by my very own mother whom was a psychic reader and a priestess of a temple in our community.The experience and knowledge i gained over the years are manifested in my readings. My repeated clients is a testimonial of my capabilities as a psychic reader.Do not be apprehensive, i have innate knowledge in TAROT CARD READING,PENDULUM DOWSING,CRYSTAL HEALING,REIKI HEALING and a natural born Clairvoyant. My spirit guide works through me to pass on messages to anyone seeking clarity and insight into their life.I have done thousands of readings locally,internationally,online based and even in person throughout all this years.I am highly seeked for relationship readings,finance,career and any matter that requires an immediate answer.You might wonder how am I going to be able to help you or which methods i am going to use to answer your question.As an energy reader,i will use my oracle cards and spirit guides to connect with your question and I will provide you with the answer whether it is bitter or sweet as I do my readings truthfully.Waiting to guide you soon.Love and Light!!!
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?Feel free to come and have a chat with me.It is known that connection to someone comes with first contact.The more you interact,the more connected you become.In this ever changing world we live in,energy forces always fluctuate within ourselves,we become disconnected,disorientated and distracted.Our energy field does not remain constant.We occassionally become out of sync with the rhythm of the universe.With that being said,let me be your guiding force and beacon of hope.Being an energy reader,I connect fast through my spirit guides and oracle cards once you stepped into my chat.Truth can be bitter,harsh and debilitating however I will only tell you the truth as it is without being judgemental or bias.Let me help you align with my experience and abilities.Ask me a question,any question FROM RELATIONSHIP MATTERS,FAMILY RELATIONS,CAREER,FINANCE and PERSONAL MATTERS.I will use my gifted abilities to foresee and predict chain of events to help you.Let me bring more POSITIVELY into your life.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I clean your soul if you claim. I can remove your negative energy and the black magics and the curse. If you feel sick I can send you some energy and heal you far from you. I am able to predict you future and help you to avoid the negative problems.People feel the positive energy which I can send them. I helped a lot of people in my life.If you curious about of your love and partnership or money, or business I can tell you.I can tell you what is you problem with you body or your soul, and I can help you to solve and heal. I I'll show You the best way in to Your life. I'll do the best for You. I'd like to say thank you for your faith and You believe in Me
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?I can see all the secrets with my magic cards or my magic ball. Spells and Rituals. "Leonardo DaVinci Originals Card Reading (MAGIC RITUALS), Paranormal Powers. I will bring back your lost love. Over 10.000 people use my spells and now are happy. Open My Private Room and you will be another person.... I will open my magic cards and read your near future, and not only for you but also for your friends, husband, wife, kids etc., and see how we change their life in good. I'm waiting for you with pleasure. Good luck, my dear!
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