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I do timelines, past lives, auras and questions on love, money and the future.

I am an intuitive psychic medium with many years of experience. I've helped hundreds of people with their health, relationships, money, pets, and big decisions. I can help you too. I see timelines, run and read colors, I bond view, talk to spirits, see animals and guardians and help locate soul mates.

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
I have spent the last several years studying healing. I am a Reiki Master Teacher certified in hypnosis with a specialty in past life regression. I have taught and currently use Quantum Touch, have studied numerology, astrology, cartomancy, Matrix Energetics, and Theta Healing. I can see and run colors, restore Chakras, see timelines, talk to spirits, clear buildings and objects, balance energy and have spirit guides that help me. I can walk other plains and have bathed in the great sea of light.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
When I was three years old I fell out of a second story window and landed on my head. After that I could see colors around things and people. Around ten years old I went blind but could still see the colors and waves always moving. I would get flashes of things and shopping in thrift stores was impossible. I learned how to block that out but not the colors, which I love. I could tell things like what the mail was, who was calling, those usual intuitive things, and I might have left it at that but I became very ill and started studying energy healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch, ETC. After that the whole universe opened up and one dark day in the middle of a crying jag I heard my uncle speaking to me, then my grandmother. Both had been dead for years. After that you can never go back. I started an energy healing business, started doing readings, and met some spirit guides, one of them being my grandmother. I work as a psychic investigator in my home town doing buildings and private readings.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
A WOMAN ASKED IF I WOULD CHECK OUT HER NEW HOUSE. In the basement there was a dark entity. He was a nasty bit of work. He believed it was his place and refused to go. He found me amusing and so I called in the big guns. One of my directors and protectors is Raphael the angel and he had no trouble banishing this being. I did a reading on a man who was very discouraged about his love life. Heâd been looking for the right lady for nearly five years. When I looked at his timeline I could see there was a woman standing nearly on top of him, directly in his path. She was blond and a little chubby, she had a cat and loved books and he already knew her. He said, âI know who this is and I think sheâs married.â I said, âWell I donât see anyone in her life but you. This blue here indicates you need to communicate with her.â A few days later he phoned me and said she had been married but was divorced over a year ago and he asked her out. They got married a year later and last I knew they were expecting a baby. I did a reading with a man who was worried about his love life. When I scanned his timeline I saw a fair-haired woman with lots of red. I told him about her and that he would be getting some sort of opportunity from her, probably a job or money. He didnât care, he wanted his beloved, forget the money. I kept scanning trying to find her. I saw people but not her. Finally I said I only see a man standing here, he is a little ways down your timeline and I see the number 8 around him. I said he was sort of tall, kind of thin had something to do with music. My client said, âI bet thatâs him! I am joining a GBLT chorus this fall.â I said, âOh, well he likes to wear suits and seems like a very gentle person.â I went to their concert that December and he introduced me to his new boyfriend. I was tickled to pieces and so were they!

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
First I scan your energy signature and timeline. This begins a flow of information. I can see relationships, both past, present and future, spirit animals and guardians, blocks in your aura, different energies surrounding you. Everything is energy and has its own signature, like colorful threads. I can restore chakras and run colors, and talk to spirits. Money, illness, love, all have their own signatures.

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