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Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach

Profile#772594 Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach 11 I CAN HELP YOU KNOW YOUR MAN & HIS REAL FEELINGS FOR YOU AND RELATIONSHIP


I am a 3RD generation natural psychic, a spiritual healer and a relationship expert. My natural abilities include being able to look into the future and connect with the energies of the people in relationships. I can read their minds giving them the accurate prediction. Thanks to my expertise, I am able to reunite lovers and save relationships .I have found great success in reaching solutions for people who have suffered marital problems and physical & mental abuse. My other abilities include being able to detect cheating partners, helping people find their soul mates. My powers also extend to relieving stress and anxiety. I have learnt how deep of an impact spirituality can have, how it actually changes lives for the better and would help you to live your life from a spiritual perspective. I have an ability to see beyond the five senses. . If you allow me to help you once, I can guarantee that you'll notice a real change for the better in your life.


I have mastered the Vaastu shastra , the sacred Indian science of divination which helps people to expel the negative energies for the betterment of relationships. It helps in creating a harmonious; stress- free living and working environments, supports your success in all areas of life. If implemented correctly, it can help better the love life by igniting romance and deep feeling.


I have 16 years' experience in helping people solving their relationship problems using my expertise and clairvoyance. I also use positive behavior inculcation therapy and situational analysis for solving relationship conflicts. Self-accountability, personal grooming and self development are the part of my counseling techniques. As a life coach and therapist, I believe in generating and amplifying clients' own powers and directing them towards spiritual enlightenment. In fact, we all have latent powers and the only thing we need is a gentle push in the right direction and proper guidance.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I lend people a sympathetic ear, listen to them carefully , empathize with them and explore the best outcome for them and guide them for LOVE , RELATIONSHIP, CAREER AND OVERALL LIFE SITUATIONS.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?While working in NGO 17 years back, I felt that I was able to understand the reason what all was happening to the people and troubling them and what all they needed to get out of it. I was finding it easier to explore the possibilities and probabilities , thus guiding them accordingly. This is how my skills were honed .!!
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have made many predictions about weather, matches and helped my friends regarding complex relationship and career forecast in their daily life.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?I am always calm and composed, no matter how challenging the client or his problem is . I take it as my moral responsibility to take the person out of his/her trouble by guiding him to the right path.
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My Recent Reviews
  • chicorg

    Veey nice and quick to answer my questions. Hope all he has said comes to pass. Will definitely come bk to confirm

  • teve13

    Excellent reading, very compassionate and understanding. Cleared the fog for me and look forward to a brighter day. Thank you

    Love and Relationship Expert and Life coachI am happy that I was able to help you. You are a beautiful soul T

  • Tonylove

    Thank you again for your compassion.

    Love and Relationship Expert and Life coachLovely person you are Deb**

  • bogie

    So nice to speak to someone who is educated - well spoken and gifted as well.He was able to hone into my situation with ease and clarity. Very good! Thank you so much...

    Love and Relationship Expert and Life coachTy Bogie , it was lovely talking to such a beautiful soul and positive person.

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My Recent Posts
  • Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach

    People try to expose what is wrong with you, because they cannot handle what is right about you.

  • Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach

    RESPONSE is one of ” MOST POWERFUL WEAPON” to occupy a place in one’s heart. Always give ” BEST RESPON

  • Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach

    If you really do put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.

  • Love and Relationship Expert and Life coach

    Don't be afraid of letting go of that which doesn't bring you happiness.Holding on means you miss the next BEST thing to happen.

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