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psychic love advisor michelle ross over 30 years experience in helping you find true love and happiness

i am one phone away and i will help you find the true answers about anything and everything I really care for and appreciate my clients. I will do ANYTHING I can to help you and guide you. I am extremely empathetic and can feel your emotions (positive or negative) right along with you. Experience & Qualifications Clairvoyant Tarot Reader My skills help me relate and understand your situation without you needing to feed me endless details. With my readings, I can put myself in your shoes and forecast the future based on the path you are currently on. I have many areas of expertise I can give you details on: . Love & Soul mates . Career & Finances . Cheating & Affairs . Family & Children . Decisions & Your Destiny . Guidance for the best path to take When I am connecting to you I can find out many things: . How does he or she really feel about you? . What is someone planning on doing? . How are you feeling about a situation and what you should do next? . What is someone hiding from you? . What will happen in the immediate and distant future?

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
Gifted Psychic, Intuitive, clairvoyant,love, relationship, reunite, soulmate connections, tarot reader

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
About My Services I am blessed with gift of clairvoyance, giving me the ability to convey messages from a higher power. I have been helping people for over 30 years, communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides. Your reading with me will be to the point, and contain answers of truth. I can teach you how to detach the negative energy that is controlling you, and regain your sanity through the help of God and his Angels. I am being honest with the answers I receive. Let me offer solutions to your problems with crystal and colors healing. I have assisted many people of all lifestyles to a better path in life

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
I specialize in love and relationships but will also read on other areas, especially as these areas are often causing problems within a relationship.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
honest and caring advisor I have many areas of expertise I can give you details on: . Love & Soul mates . Career & Finances . Cheating & Affairs . Family & Children . Decisions & Your Destiny . Guidance for the best path to take

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1y 8m
happy new years to all may your 2017 be happy in love and be bless and all ways be happy and thankful

1y 8m
May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year!

1y 8m
call me now so i can tell you all about your love true love only comes from the heart

1y 9m
to day is the day to know if he or she is the one for you so please call me now

1y 10m
blessings to all my callers and thank you for all the reviews may you all ways have love and light

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