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I worked as a psychic for 33 years online and in private practice, I have been a psychic consultant for 2 fortune 500 companies, and one government agency, worked as a psychic consultant on 2 motion pictures, i have a CASAC degree which enabled me to work in my specialty area which is healing relationships, this is where my heart lies, my psychic understanding of why a relationship has ended or is falling apart is the area where i can honestly say i have almost 100% accuracy, being able to read for the person that i am doing the reading for psychically and to empathicaly know where their mates blockages are speeds up the entire process of making up....and heals relationships to avoid breakups.....i am a 3rd degree Reiki Master and a Reiki Teacher - i have lectured extensively on psychic abilities, and was a staff writer on Psychic Abilities for 7 years for a metaphysical Magazine - if i was to toot my horn , i think the main thing that inspires me on in my work is that at least 90% of the people that i have done readings for have done repeat readings, In my heart that is where the proof of the pudding long as the feedback that i am receiving is positive and reflects accuracy i will continue to serve my clients to the very best of my ability...i keep integrity at the top of the list when i am reading for someone as i thoroughly understand the concept that what we extend to others comes back to us always and so when we complete this circle of extending love and serving our brothers and sisters on this planet we can change the planet faster than we deepest hearts desire is to be a part of assisting someone to find the joy and love that is their birth right.. if what i write here rings true for you in your heart then that is called serendipity or kismet - not a coincidence and so if you are moved if it feels right maybe we'll get to meet. i would love that. I Wish You Love Always!

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
relationships, relationships, relationships! love, family and career - i also do reincarnational readings - pet readings - and am a medium who can reach people who have passed on if it is God's will that it be so...most times i do connect

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
i have been aware of them since i was about 5 years old - and i haven't had to do anything to develop them - as my conscienceness grew - the abilities expanded on their own, naturally

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
from the bottom of my heart this one is true...sadly enough...when i was married ..years ago...i had a dream that my husband was cheating on me - we were about a hundred miles away from each other as i went to visit my parents for the weekend- i went to sleep early the night i arrived and had a dream that my husband was at the University of Syracuse with a pretty blonde student - they were in her room and he was very intimate with her - i woke up crying...and for the next 15 minutes i kept getting visions of him with this girl - driving around near the university of Syracuse in his little red sports car with her, being very affectionate and finally stopping at the beach to picnic for the day, i was devastated, i could barely breath, i followed my psychic impressions and jumped into my car and without telling him - i drove home like a mad woman ...I didn't go to our house - the visions were so clear that i drove straight to the beach and to his horror and mine found my husband practically on top of this little blonde underneath the board walk...there are lot more details to this story but the bottom line is....that incident ended our marriage..i'm sorry to say that this is an absolutely true story that broke my still hurts when i tell the story...that is one of the very few times that being a psychic wasn't fun!..Oh - one last thing - when i got home i grabbed the mail from the mailbox as i was going into the house and What a surprise to find over 30 long distance calls to The Univewrsity Os f Syracuse...i called the number and a young woman answered saying..."Hello, University Of Syracuse"....True Story...i am sorry to say...

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
my full attention, accuracy and an open heart


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