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Spiritual Journeys

Profile#942106 Spiritual Journeys 2 Life Coach, Empath

With the help of my spirit guide and divination tools I can provide you with advice on love and relationships.

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Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.My area of expertise is empathy I am great at advising someone of their correct path in life. I am always available via text message. When you need someone to help you make sense of things in the middle of the night or during the day text me I am here to give you honest advice. I got you call when available or text 24 hrs a day I GOT YOU!
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have known about my abilities since I was 8 years old. My abilities are natural contact me I am available via text 24 hrs a day
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I use my empathy everyday I have no choice I am a born empath I can read you just from the sound of your walk. If you were to call me & talk to me I can absolutely give you advice that could change the negative.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Honest Empathic Intuitive Advice I am blunt & to the point I may not say what you want to hear & I may not sound like others, I am original as is my empathic gift I don't always have the answers for today but keep in contact. I am being as honest as I can be.
My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 3.00
out of 5
Answered Calls: 88% Answered Messages: 59% Favorited By: 2
Personality Score: 6.00
out of 10
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My Recent Reviews
  • LovelyVI1

    Bare lies.... sorry but you were wrong in my reading..

    Spiritual Journeysyou are also a advisor. why are you trying to sabotage my account? you posted this review soon as you hung up. your dishonest

  • cherrydip16

    she connected and gave deep insight thank you so much!

    Spiritual JourneysThanks

  • chomka

    I hang up the phone and the timer just keeps adding on to my call

    Spiritual Journeysyou were on the call with me when we finished the call disconnected. I gave you a reading

My Recent Posts
  • Spiritual Journeys

    I will be available for calls all weekend starting today.

  • Spiritual Journeys

    who wants a pendulum reading ?

  • Spiritual Journeys

    reading using the lost tarot of Nostradamus today. lets see whats these cards tell you

  • Spiritual Journeys

    Sometimes what I say isnt always pleasant

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