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I can answer your questions and see events in your life.

Although I am blind I see colors, symbols, numbers and timelines. I see with my third eye and can read energy, speak to spirits, including your higher self. I've walked those planes of light and have guides that help me. I am honored to help you. Whether it is a simple question or a complex situation I will give you answers.

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
I am excellent at Reading timelines, past lives, current lives, energy. Everything is energy, love, money, illness, emotions, everything and when a person can see those things in their own way, when they can talk to guides and higher selves, then finding answers and solutions comes naturally.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
It all started with a terrible accident when I went blind. It was a serious blow to the head as a child and after that the universe opened up in strange ways. I ignored it until I was an adult and then began studying the strange things that happened to me. For fun I started reading playing cards at fairs for fund raisers and once I started meditating and connecting to my spirit guides I wanted to help others and so I do. I see with my third eye, energy, spirits, Past life bonds, energy bodies, and the answers just flow like magic!

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
A lady phoned me and asked if her husband was cheating. I saw a woman with him and they were very close though I did not see sexual intimacy. I told her that there was a woman but not a lover but she was very close to him. They had a strong connection. Later she phoned me back and told me that her husband, who had been adopted had found his birth mother and that was why he'd been acting so strangely. A man called me and asked if I could see if he would get a promotion. I could see that he was not going to get it. I told him it didn't look like it at this time. He asked what he could do to make it happen and I saw he needed to change jobs. I felt hesitant about saying that to him, this was back when I had just started, so I said have you considered a different job? He said he hadn't. I said well it could be a good thing to look into. Nearly a month later he called me and said that he'd been looking around to see what he could find and had just gotten hired onto a different company with a sizable boost in pay! I like to buy scratch tickets sometimes but I only do it on days I feel and know I might win. And I do! Usually it is something small, a dollar, five dollars, but once I won 500 dollars. I got so good at this that now my son and a few friends ask me if it is a good day for them to buy a ticket.

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
Give me your first name and I will find you on a higher plane. I will use the info from your higher self and those who direct and protect us to give you information. I will answer questions, look at past lives, and do some block removal or distant healing if you need it. I'm fast, honest and reliable.

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