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True Psychic Love Advisor Anna

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Hello and welcome. my name is Psychic Anna,The Love Advisor specialist! blessings to you and welcome to my profile. im here for you. I can help with all desires of life as my guides can guide and lead you back to the right path. For the last twenty two years I worked as a professional clairvoyant and tarot reader I have read for nobility and celebrities, now let me read for you. I am direct with my answer's, During a psychic reading, i will protect visions and hears messages from the spirit guides around you and will reveal situations ready to happen or how to avoid an obstacle I am ready to take your call and answer your question's and guide you I have many years experience in dealing with all matters of the heart, mind, body and soul and now here for you - No matter what the problem may be: Love Marriage Business Cheating, Divorce Gay Romance I will provide you with answer's you can trust. - Is your relationship over? - Should you walk away or give it one more try? Do you feel hurt and let down despite a complete commitment? Is there anyone else interfering in your relationship? Does this relationship have a future? Can you rediscover the love? My ability to receive messages from my guides, allows me to be able to help you understand your situation and know what direction to take to resolve the issues facing you. i can help you to discover the truth about someone, the purpose of your love relationship, learn if there is a potential future or is it time to move on. Find out if someone from the past is meant to return. i can also guide you spiritually to find out if you are with your soul mate, twinflame or when you will find your true soul connection. call today for a better tomorrow,

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I have been psychic since over 22 years and worked for nation wide by phone and in my office daily as a Psychic Adviser. Love adviser spell caster. I have worked for many years with the Spiritualist Church, helping to guide individuals in the pursuit of Happiness and Contentment, this has been my calling for 22 years My advice is always straightforward and honest. I will not sugarcoat anything, I am considered by many people that I have helped to give guidance to as THE Most Accurate Psychic, my empathic ability helps me to tune in to the thoughts and emotions of the person that you have questions about and enables me to guide you in dealing with the situation, and hence bring the relationship back on the right path to renew itself. I have saved many lives by helping to guide people to take the correct path in life, bringing them peace and tranquility, Spirit works through me to give the information required for the individual needs. It is not only about healing relationships, but sometimes about healing yourself, I can give you the right information to do this. I specialize in love and relationships healings depression and anxiety healing chakra energy's aura balancing and spell casting
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I am one of three spiritual experts in my family. We have a heritage of psychic gifts and have all been mentored by our grandmother who taught us all how to tap into our gifts and use them in helping others. My grandmother not only taught me how to use my gifts, but how to ease the burden of others with them. Spiritual Guide: I have been working as a spiritual clairvoyant medium for 22 years. Its very uplifting and rewarding to help people in this way and to feel the love and blessings that come from the world of spirit to help those in need here on the earth plane. There is no one reading that is better than another, each receive wonderful messages from my guides and angels and given exactly what is right for them, Always with love and hope for the future. My guides and angels never cease to amaze me with the love and answers they channel through me to pass on to a client to help them in their daily life, what I love most in giving a reading to a client is to feel their happiness and upliftment after they have received their messages. and now I am extending my services nation wide. Born psychic I have helped many people create positive changes in their lives Helping people to heal themselves I have helped with psychic protection Past lives and why the cycles keep repeating themselves for you and the fear of insecurity with your love one or lost love I have had much success through Out my teachings and bringing your partner back the destiny of being with one another I can guide you into manifestation to true happiness as a clairvoyant, Specializing in: Love & Relationships i will also providing you an accurate reading which includes, psychic empath readings, palmistry, and astrology,
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.i've worked as a nation wide by phone and in my office daily as a psychic love adviser. And spell caster by phone
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?All readings I provide by phone and by message or psychic love advise readings are not alike. They are as unique as snowflakes! And as a finger print. I provide love advise spell casting reuniting couples. Reassuring and giving clarity and coaching any one who calls me I except all and will help all dealing with depression anxiety and feeling hurt in love to bring them positive and on a better path. giving them encouragement.
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Answered Calls: 95% Answered Messages: 95% Favorited By: 24
Personality Score: 8.19
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My Recent Reviews
  • Silver614

    Psychic had baby in background then put me on hold as if I wasn't paying by the min save your money

  • Jlo06

    She seemed good repeated the same thing a couple times , but a psychic to tell me to add more minutes for her to continue the moment she heard the one minute . that should be my choice not yours . I was going to add more minutes. The fact you told me to do it . No thank you. Changed my mind.

  • mmamaia

    Shes amazing totally different and very detailed about everything you ask off

  • madisonelizabeth

    Wonderful and picked up my energy very well. She was on point and very helpful! Thank you!

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  • True Psychic Love Advisor Anna

    True love stories never have endings. #truepsychicloveadvisoranna #realpsychic call now.

  • True Psychic Love Advisor Anna

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. #tarotcards

  • True Psychic Love Advisor Anna

    Today's Quote! Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

  • True Psychic Love Advisor Anna

    Wondering What Your Future Holds? Get True Advice From A Real Psychic on your Phone!

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