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Profile#645659 Game Changer 1 Insight that can change things, Perceptions that run deep. em certified pertaining to love, finance, paranormal events and pets

I use all my ability and knowledge to give you the most accurate reading available on line.I will turn the cards as we speak and use my general perception to zone in on the things that are most important to you.I will address your fears and concerns very seriously and with the utmost care. Remember I have years of professional experience and I have the proven abilities to go with it.I am as a friend with a certain amount of practiced psychic Intuition.As a Tarot Medium I will connect with those who have passed and in some cases with those who are still living.

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Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I have always had this uncanny ability to predict a persons actions and what they would do.I also have a way of knowing what a person was feeling and what there intentions were. Many times I would predict certain events that seem to happen..I have used this to help others in there relationships friendships and there career possibilities. I have also had a way of experience the emotions of those who have passed away and in some cases those who are living. My ability to give insight on a love interest has been talked about by many as accurate and in tune. Naturally all this gets better as we have more sessions.I am an honest reader and I do not claim to be perfect. I will also let you know if I am unsure about something or if there are too many variables. I do not plagiarize. I am an expert with explaining and going into detail when asked.I look into love and relationships using the Tarot or without the Tarot. I address career.Money and all types of subjects most individuals are interested in. They call me for a reason and feel that I am worth the donations given to me.At least they do around here. I am also experienced with computer graphics and with media editing. I can work GIFS and all sorts if you need help with that as an adviser. Do not worry I will not tell anyone you had called me. All are welcome adviser or just those who need to know.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have been aware of my ESP growing up as a child and it naturally grew stronger as I got older.I also joined groups and did research to get a better understanding of my perceptions and to improve them as I learned.I corresponded with many schools and have made many studies on the subject. I am ATA certified as well as Davidson certified for a code of ethics and a certain amount of accuracy when tested.My intuition seems to grow on its own. You learn by doing and doing makes experience.. Many years..
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have worked as a professional Psychic for many years.It started off as just an extra income as I already have my own list of clientele.I have worked for many sites over the years such as California Psychics, Psychic Center, Zodiac Psychics and more..I began to grow and grow as a reader, The next thing I know I was so overwhelmed that I begin to pull back on my own private readings. I have been doing my own private readings for about 35 plus years. I am always looking for new avenues and I try to keep my doors open to new ideas.Here is where I use my abilities to help those in need. I teach others and I test others.You can test me all you like.I do not mind I have been using my abilities off and on all my life.Make no mistake. I am the real thing and as we get to know each other you will see real evidence of this.You will find real answers and a real direction of things to come as we do get to know each other. Many times I was told about how my time frames were spot on, My Intuition has helped me with Radio and with some media television broadcasting.I can not say that everything is perfect but helping you is helping me.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?I offer years of experience and knowledge of the business.From setting up my own web pages to having a certain amount of insight pertaining to the paranormal. with an honest outlook with a friendly energy. I have multiple years with such sites as California Psychics, Psychic center , Zodiac Psychics and many more. Experience that many have come to know and recognize.Seriously I have been working in the metaphysical for many years.I know what you are looking for. I have the understanding and the personality that fits your agenda.Honesty and truth is what you will find with me, As we get to know each other you will see what my regulars see and why.You will begin to feel comfortable and know that you can just dive in with your thoughts and feelings.Find a true and honest outlook and a genuine concern as you begin to visit more often.You will see a true intuition that continues to grow over time.
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