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A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master Psychic

Profile#146027 A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master Psychic 15 Many years of experience with many networks. Love, career, Pets, Suspected paranormal activities, ESP Investigations"ata certified"

I will answer all questions as I have for thousands over the years addressing the feelings and the outcome of any relationship,I accurately address the intentions and the hidden motives of many as well as to honestly give you some kind of perspective of the things going on.Most do find me to be accurate even when they at first initially did not think so.I give a reasonable time frame that many have found to be uncanny. See it for yourself and find the real answers that many have been talking about.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I am more practiced around the love and relationship category as 90% of the questions are about the feelings and thoughts of the other.The outcome and results of one;s counteractions.I can use the Tarot as in some cases a person would rather I not use the Tarot.Either way I give you a solid firm assessment that most find to be surprising. I also act as a medium and as a real source for the inside truth.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I begin to realize that I had a certain way of knowing things as I was a child. I did not know exactly what it was about but many times I seem to have a sense of one,s motives and of one,s intentions. Many times I would have foreknowledge of who was calling without looking at the caller ID.I would know of future events many times before they happened.I begin to manifest and nurture my abilities as I was in my twenties. I put it down for awhile but my ability to predict one's actions was still there.Many times it was easy for me to predict what a person would say. I begin to really manifest and become stronger as I was in my thirties and begin to read more often for others as I got older. I begin to be more practiced and begin to read more and more.The more I used my ability the better and more I improved I became. I add it up it is about 35 years of experience.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have used my ability all my life sometimes knowingly and sometimes not.My abilities have helped me to land jobs and to make better decisions.I can not say my life has always been perfect but my intuition has been like an old friend. I have helped people time and time again. After all I have been reading for people for many years. Some have felt a healing energy as well as finding a real solution to there problems.I have found a countermeasure for many when faced with negativity.I do not promise riches but things do improve as I have been there as a friend to many when no one else was there.I see into the future and I have helped many to get a better picture of there life and to whats going on. My most memorable experience is when I was asked about a future event and a person was doubting my ability. I told this person that His ex employer would be getting in touch with her with good news. She laughed and said she was fired!! from that job. She gave me a bad report and went on about her life. A month later this same person came back under another name and said I was right and that her old boss apologized and offered her more money..She apologized to me and we have been best of friends ever since. She since then advertised me and made me her number one priority.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?I offer time frames and a reasonable outlook that will help you in your decisions. I offer direction and a plan to help you to reach your goals and that will help you make things happen.I offer the inside information that will help you to be prepared and to help you in your decisions.I offer insight into future events and also ways of changing things to your advantage.I give you every reason for you to want to call me especially after you see how I can make the difference.
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Average Call Rating: 4.80
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Answered Calls: 99% Answered Messages: 100% Favorited By: 9
Personality Score: 9.36
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My Recent Reviews
  • Sunshine70

    Seems like a nice guy. Love the pic. We will see if POI will contact me in future. Virus lockdown does not help. We'll see. I was expecting stunning information and to be picked up fast.

    A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master PsychicI did explain to her about being specific with her questions.. She did not seem to understand nor did she care. Acted Jealous.

  • luckyheart

    This cost me a pretty penny, but I absolutely NEEDED this advice. He was able to pickup by just the name it was pretty awesome. He has told me to not put all my eggs in one basket. I am going to focus more on my career and business and coast rather then think about finding a partner. For now. Really appreciate his insight and he is definitely the real deal.

    A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master PsychicI normally don't do this.. but thanks.. I will work really hard to show you my appreciation the next time you call.

  • Sheri86

    Very good insights!xx

  • Joy523

    Very good!! Happy I called!!

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My Recent Posts
  • A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master Psychic

    I don't always pick up on things right away. Therefore be specific with your questions if you sincerely want my opinion.

  • A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master Psychic

    Isn't it nice when you find that you have just dodged a bullet. Jealous coworker? Negativity? Call Now!!!

  • A Tarot Medium and A Listed Certified Master Psychic

    If you sincerely need more details. Make it real. Be more detailed with your questions or else forget about it.

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