Hello, my name is Elven queen; I have been on a spiritual journey for 10 years, and in that journey, I have gained some incredible experience and met some wonderful people along the way. I have overcome illness and defied all the odds, I know that life can be challenging, but I also know that there is no black and white, there are only those of us who have a will so great! It defies all that is logical. I was not expected to survive a brain tumor back in 1994, but I did and I know that there is more to life than we think! This is not the only world! I know this because when I had my out of body experience, I did see figures cloaked in light so bright I could not distinguish their physical features, such as eyes, nose lips. However I did hear their voice and they did speak to me. I know Elvens are real because it was a high elven who spoke to me. Our minds do not hold the answer, our spirit does, allow me to assist you with those burdensome issues in your life. As a yoga teacher, I live by a code of Ahimsa which is sasnskrit for non violence, I appreciate all things, on this world and off this world. We each have a purpose for being here! Do you know what you purpose is? Do you find joy in each day when you wake up!? Or do you dread it!? Let me assist you with these issues, I can find out how to make your life more pleasant and bring you insight to those questions you may have, such as doubts of the love someone has or doesn't have for you. Allow me to be the bridge that helps you cross from one reality to the next. Thank you so much for reading this! Elven Queen