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Esoteric Divinations by Venus

Profile#251895 Esoteric Divinations by Venus 4 Add some magick and divine guidance to your lfie!

Hello Everyone! I am an ACCURATE card reader, as well as a folk magick practitioner for 11 years. I open myself to become a vessel to interpret messages from the divine in the form of card reading. I read tarot and playing cards to give you the insight on whatever situations you may find yourself in. I am open minded and non judgmental. I also provide spellwork services for clients. I am also knowledgeable in Herbalism, Crystals, and Astrology, I look forward to helping you!

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Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.Folk Magick, Herbs and Crystals, Spellwork, Divination (readings)
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have suspected from. Young age but truly aware that magick exists starting around 10 years of age. I began looking into magick and spiritualism after learning of my family history in such areas. As I learned, my knowledge fueled my power, allowing me to embark on the spiritual journey that led me to my current place in this life. I started reading playing cards at a young age which led me to my interest in tarot. I've been a practicing spiritual worker for 11 years!
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I am a natural witch. I have psychic abilities on both sides of my family, in different ways. My great grandfather was a genuine psychic and even made a local small town's newspaper because of his abilities. My other great grandfather and my grandmother we're both into spiritual folk magick. They preformed spells and healed the animals on the their farm. They were into darker things too. I personally have made many positive influential changes in my own life through spiritual work and have helped many people experience various positive change in their own lives. With spiritualism, you hold the master key to your life and readings help to unlock the doors to success. I have done hundreds of readings and provided divine guidance to many people. I have helped people overcome mental, physical, and emotional blockages, and have helped others in areas of love, prosperity, and health. I have alerted clients of trouble and wrong doings, and provide needed guidance in such negative scenarios.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?A caller can expect a very friendly open minded professional individual that takes my time to relate to the client and not judge them. I am the vessel that interprets the message, not the creator.I am always neutral I will never show favor in a reading. I ensure that the client understands the reading and that all follow up questions are answered. I strive to make a positive difference in all of my clients lives.
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Average Call Rating: 5.00
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Answered Calls: 78% Answered Messages: 83% Favorited By: 5
Personality Score: 9.67
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My Recent Reviews
  • love55

    Thank you!!

  • tasha28

    I did not like this reading at all cause he. He was very nagtvie

    Esoteric Divinations by VenusI am very sorry you were unhappy with your reading, unfortunately, the messages are not always positive

  • denverpa22

    The reading was spot-on and exactly what I wanted to hear and exactly what was going on in my life

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  • Esoteric Divinations by Venus

    Contact me for spellwork and advice on herbalism! Ask me about crystal therapy! I can assist you.

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