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Professionally trained and certified by reliable sources.Recognized by the International Tarot Association

Classified as a Psychic Intuitive. I have given readings pertaining to love,career,lost pets,lost objects, Missing persons...Involved in energy healing and well being...Those who have crossed over and in some cases of those who are still living such as the energies of a ex lover or friend..Connecting daily in many lives as a friend and as a serious professional psychic. Opening doors into the mind to know what is the mindset of the ones in question. Daily addressing issues of various kinds. Years I have been working the tables and finding the inside secrets. Certified and accepted by reliable professional sources

Questions and Answers

Describe your areas of expertise.
I seem to be a confirming psychic.picking up on things around a person and of there circumstance.I seem to have the ability to know what a person will do and say ahead of time. according to some of the feedback. Many have said that they felt better and that I had good ideas of what to do about there situation.I do describe many things in a persons life without a person having to tell me.However at times I can appear to be vague or generalized with my answers,If this happens please be more specific with your questions as I may not always be thinking about it. If you need me to move on to other subjects please feel free to let me know, I predict things with accuracy, I offer resources and opportunity but I am best at knowing what is going on in someone,s life and of there mindset.

How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?
My abilities had been hidden from me for a long time.Many of my successes I did not become aware of until my teenage years. Many had said that there was something about me or that I was different,It was until I decided to offer my insight professionally that I begin to see a real ability.Many were saying that my predictions happen.many begin to ask more detailed questions.Many begin to ask me to channel for them as I did describe there situation accurately. Many saw that I gave them encouragement and some even said that they were healed from me and felt better after talking with me. This is when I begin to realized that I had a talent ,I can not say that everyone felt that way at least not at first but the majority did.I also noticed that others begin to be jealous of me and begin to have a problem with me. There were many things that happened that made me realize my abilities and realize and wonder of who I am.

Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.
My ability has helped me so many times in business just knowing how a company would do would help me to make the decisions necessary for the time. I can never claim to be perfect and I certainly can not say that I have it made people rich with all my gifts. but there are times that it would help.Sometimes my intuition was the only thing I had. My intuition has been apart of what I do for a long time. It helped me in many ways to get ahead but nothing is perfect.I am still learning and always will be....With this being said. I have helped many over the years to get the inside information they needed.I have given hope to many and yet tried my best to keep a person on a good path. I have saved lives when a person was to the point of giving up and I have helped a person deal with what they considered to be a spiritual attack.My gifts are a message to many and a message to me. I offer a general perceptions that many can bank on. Many times I could find myself being psychic and not even realizing it.Think what I can do if I really put my mind to it.Don.t Miss

What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?
As seen at Radio 101 WHNT and Bits & Pieces Media Broadcast..Some Cable TV...You should expect encouragement with credentials but at the same time honesty with a sense of purpose. Offering you the experience and an intuition that most find rewarding. Experience means that I am not shocked by your questions nor am I judgmental.Experience means that I am quick to pick up on details and events you might not have time to think about. Experience means that I use all my senses plus common sense to give you an accurate time frame of events that do happen. It also means that I am well trained with computers and with psychics networks. You can tell just by my personal page that I have some kind of experience just because of my own pictorial designs.I need no one else to design my pages nor do I need anyone to coach me on how to do readings or to meet your concerns. I simply offer you some kind of encouragement and moral support.I will show you things and make many points that you have not thought about. You will also find that I give you some kind of validation and a confirmation that lets you know that I am in the ball park of what you need.I offer general readings or I answer questions or both. The majority just go for it.

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