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Magic Man

Profile#706611 Magic Man 5 Powerful Insights for the time and effort, Consistent and proven with my ability. I am Respectfully Certified and Licensed.

Years of daily experience, Well known for the bridges I create. I am experienced with general readings or a direct line to your most important questions. I elaborate on many subjects such as love , career, energy guides and spirit energies around. I work as a medium and a Tarot reader. I have had an open gift all my life that has been combed and enhanced by years of professional experience. I am updating on a regular bases Improving my style. I am routinely tested and retested. For a more realistic view that can get you through the day. For a more authentic outlook that hits home. I am your man. I don't claim perfection but I can tell you that I am well known and most have found my insight quite rewarding. Most do not pass the test that have been put on me, Most are not accepted where I have been accepted. need proof? Give me a call.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.I am a love specialist dealing with the intentions of the other and the outcome.. I am also gifted with the Tarot having many years of trusted experience. I have worked as a paranormal investigator and as a medium as I have many senses that tune into many types of spirit energies. Love,career, The Tarot I have many years experience.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I always knew there was something going on. I started to understand more as I grew older.I used my ability many times and never even knew it was an ability or some kind of gift. I have been reading professionally for many years. Daily experience that would help to improve and develop just about anyone.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have used my abilities only to help people working a professional high quality reading.. My experience and insight has helped others in business as well as in there love life.I have helped people with there missing pets and with some missing objects. I have respectfully trained and helped other psychics to enhance there own ability. I have also helped people in many ways over the years that some were not even aware of.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Most like a honest down to earth realistic reading. Most tolerate mistakes when they are not given the fluff. That is what I envelope. I give truthful insights with care and compassion. I use my many years of experience with my natural born intuition to clarify and to offer a solution to the issues brought up.I offer the most positive outlook without giving the fairy tales.I listen to the caller and there concerns. I show a genuine concern while using all my senses. I have a high percentage of accuracy when ESP tested. This with many factors makes me one of the few who are accepted.
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Average Call Rating: 5.00
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Answered Calls: 100% Answered Messages: 100% Favorited By: 3
Personality Score: 10.00
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My Recent Reviews
  • Rox2380

    He was good. Appreciated

  • Rox2380


  • loversheart

    He was right on point. Picked up right off. It was almost like he was seeing in for himself. Very accurate.

  • dor0903


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My Recent Posts
  • Magic Man

    Just to make it clear. Be detailed about the kind of specifics you are looking for. For an example: Names, Dates or what?

  • Magic Man

    At Times my answers may be vague and undefined. So be more specific with your questions when you need more details.

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