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Mystic Magnolia

Profile#212258 Mystic Magnolia 0 Block busting intuitive insight that generates accurate results! May the Force be Within You

My name is Eva and I have been reading, working as a Psychic Tarot reader for close to 21 years. I am direct, forthcoming and very detailed with the impressions I receive. I deliver nothing but truth from the divine source, Great Spirit, and provide substantial results that can and will aid you along on your continuing journey.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.Advice is given with compassion, empathy and understanding regarding: Family/Friends, Love/Relationships, Breakups, Infidelity, Financial Outlook, Career, Energy, LGBTQ Issues, spiritual cleansings, western astrology, dark magic(k), spells, mysticism and the occult(history).
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I have been aware that I have had abilities since I was a young child, at about 5 years of age. I could always feel and sense the emotions of thoughts of people. And I could always feel that I had a sense of higher awareness into things such as knowing who was calling on the telephone before answering it, answers to many questions in grade school without having to know any of their explanations I got older into my adolescent years, I began to feel drawn into helping people like my peers and family members, who had difficulty interpreting their emotions. I could always help them to understand their emotional burdens and help them to achieve strength to push through certain issues. I also began to realize that some of my dreams would come to fruition, and also noticed that the messages I would receive in these dreams became clearer. Today, these messages have been beneficial to me and to others that I still receive through the astral. I have learned to strengthen my abilities through meditation and visual imagery. I also fine tuned my abilities of clairvoyance, claircognizance, and telepathy through my Intuitive life coaches of whom have helped in building a relationship and bond with my spirit guides and also helped in becoming aware of theirs and others spirit guides, ancestors and or angels and even lower entities. I went through a sudden traumatic experience in 2008, having lost my father of whom I was very close of which served as the catalyst into getting me prepared for the spirit path I have chosen. This loss catapulted me into an even more higher consciousness and awareness state than before, and set me on the journey from just being an Empath/Sensitive into a Clairvoyant Telepath and Telepathic Medium.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.I have helped countless people recognize their own personal power regarding life's difficult tasks. Things having to deal with loss, addiction, breakups, life paths, spiritual cleansings, and career/money paths. I have helped someone overcome their hesitation with finding their son, and getting him off the streets and helping him to kick their drug habit, as I seen that their health was in jeopardy and that if he would have stayed longer in the streets as an addict, he would have succumb to his deteriorating health issues. On many other occasions, I have put people in contact with their loved on the other side, and have helped them with seeking closure during their grievance processes. I have also helped couples reunite after a breakup, and have helped them to realize themselves internally beyond blockages that they've created for themselves; whether it be fear or barriers of communication.
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?Block busting intuitive insight for life's difficult questions. With fast clairvoyant detailed impressions, advice is given with compassion, empathy and understanding that generates accurate results!
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  • Mystic Magnolia

    When we can see more clearly, keeping the subconscious tidy, we are able to find the solutions that we seek!

  • Mystic Magnolia

    Emotions accumulate over a lifetime and are stored in the subconscious mind, just sitting there.

  • Mystic Magnolia

    We can see things more clearly and are no longer ruled by repeating patterns in our lives when we tidy up our subconscious!

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