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Number 5 Compatibility

Numerology: Ruling Number 5 Compatibility Guide


number 5 compatibility

We are at the half-way mark with number compatibility. We are moving on to number 5.

If you or someone you know is a number 5, keep reading. Number compatibility can be very enlightening. By now you know that the Ruling Number or complete birthdate reduced to a single digit is all you need. Get ready for number 5 compatibility.

5 with 1

Both of these people are very active and have original minds. They make a great team with the 1 originating the ideas and the 5 selling them. They have a great capacity to make a good living together.

5 with 2

To say this is an all or nothing pair is stating it lightly. The 2 will need to take second place or risk squashing 5’s ideas. If these two numbers don’t see eye to eye, friction will be the order of the day.

5 with 3

This combination can succeed in just about anything they try. Both of these numbers are doers with extremely creative ideas. Working together without being too hasty will make for great creativity and success.

5 with 4

These two numbers are very different. The 4 brings stability, practicality and balance. The 5 supplies the ideas and is a better communicator. Since the 4 can work in harmony with the 5 this can be a very successful pair.

5 with 5

Fives are extremely excitable and energetic. If you are going to succeed you will have to find suitable outlets for this high energy. Fives love to travel and experience adventures so get out there and enjoy life together.

5 with 6

The energy of the 5 brings out the best in the 6. The 6 brings order and security to the home and anchors the many ideas and impulsiveness of the 5. This pair will make the home lively and comfortable for all who live there.

5 with 7

The five may be too excitable for the 7. Seven’s need time for quiet contemplation. If all goes well the 7 can be a calming influence on the 5. Alternately, the 5 can bring some vim and vigor to the 7. If they respect each other’s needs this can be a combination for very successful ideas.

5 with 8

This is a highly charged combination. The 5 lives in the realm of ideas and has a great ability to communicate them. The 8 lives in the realm of business and finance. To succeed this pair will need restraint and understanding each other’s needs.

5 with 9

With this duo the 5 supplies the energy and communication skills and the 9 supplies the worldly insights. Together this pair can accomplish just about anything because they balance each other beautifully.

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