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  • Ask Eva Ask Eva at

    Have a Question? Ask Eva!

  • Love Spell Crafter Love Spell Crafter at

    Looking for the perfect spell to make your love bubble up?

  • Mr MOMIN Mr MOMIN at

    Welcome for chakra reading, aura field estimation and Relationship guidance & clarity.


    I AM A CLAIRVOYANT 35 YRS WITH AN ACCURACY 99% , radio shows..magazines

  • MayaLove1 MayaLove1 at

    Hello, I am mayalove. I am third generation psychic.I can tell you about your Past,Present and Future.

  • Love Lady01 Love Lady01 at

    Intuitive spirituality, Psychic mediumship, Honest and genuine answers to provide you with the solution you need! BEGIN YOUR HEA

  • jenniferKnowsAll jenniferKnowsAll at

    want answers? need guideance? call me

  • Miss Venus Advisor Miss Venus Advisor at

    Imagine A Life That Has Only Happiness & Fullfillment In All Matters. Well Im Here To Help You Make That Happen Call Now

  • Psychic Advisor Chad Psychic Advisor Chad at

    Psychic Readings!

  • Real Truthful Honest Psychic Love Specialist Real Truthful Honest Psychic Love Specialist at

    I Have All The Answers You Been Longing For!

  • Tarot SoulMate Relationship Love Romance Tarot SoulMate Relationship Love Romance at

    Special Personal Relationship Love Romance Dating future amazing predictions.

  • Angelic Angel Advisor Angelic Angel Advisor at

    Angelic Angel Advisor

  • Expert bhatti Expert bhatti at

    i can tell you about life matters means relationship love romance finance divorce.etc...

  • LoveClarity LoveClarity at

    I am specialize in Love, Relationship, Fiance , Carrier, job Present, Future, Domestic circle, Cheating affair,

  • psychic angle psychic angle at

    I Will Telepathically Read the mind of person you want and will tell what happens in future.


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