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Leahs Spirit Psychic Spiritual Healer

Profile#651959 Leahs Spirit Psychic Spiritual Healer 664 My Readings and Healings will truly change your life for the better Bringing you Insight Clarity Direction and peace

Hello and welcome I'm Leah I am a born God Gifted and Blessed Psychic-Spiritual Healer Advisor Life Coach With over 30 years of Successful Experience I Reveal past present future. I Will Give you Spiritual Insight Clarity and Direction with every avenue of life. Love and Relationships Career and Business Family. Are you Confused Worried or Blocked I am able to pinpoint obstacles and provide answers and solutions. I Hold the Key To Unlocking Your Lover's Heart Mind Spirit And Intentions Every Person And Relationship In Life has a Purpose with one Reading I will Reveal and explain yours. My main purpose is to Guide you on the right path to Love-Success-Happiness-Prosperity and-Joy. Spiritual Healing for Mind Body and Spirit Blessings and Deep Spiritual Prayer for Love-Family-Home-Business-Depression I'm A Highly Respected and Powerful Spiritualist I Remove Negative Energies and Blockages Caused by Jealousy and evil eye. Chakra Balancing and healing Reiki Healer I am a Psychic who specializes in all types of Readings Full Life-Love and Relationship-Twinflame Tarot Cards-Career and Business-Energy I am Always Compassionate to my Clients Situation and I am also Direct and to the point Most importantly I tell you the truth. I was Born and Raised in New York City Raised By my Grandmother who was also Spiritually God Gifted and Blessed. She Taught and Skilled Me To Master The Gifts I was Born With. After Working with my Grandmother for a little over 10 years I Opened My Own Psychic Stand In Times Square NYC. Where I am Proud to Say I have Helped Thousands of People From All Walks of Life. Let Me Help You. The first step is to call Me I will Help and Guide you Through Every other step

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Answered Calls: 100% Answered Messages: 97% Favorited By: 148
Personality Score: 9.52
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My Recent Reviews
  • CaptainHaddock

    It was awesome talking to Leah - same as usual. Caught up on a bunch of things that had happened, some of it pretty intense. She reassured and boosted my morale by what she said, making me feel better about the situation that I am in, and reminding me once again of how everything was slowly getting better, and how much better my life is now compared to last year. My drive since the beginning of last year has pretty much always been for only one reason, but I do realize by this point that my own life holds some importance as well - decidedly more so than I ever thought it did in the past. Leah has helped me to come to terms with the fact that this fight is not only worth winning for the sake of the person that I am fighting for - but for my own survival and well-being also. I appreciate all of her counseling immensely. I have learned more in this last year than I think I have learned in all my life before 2018 - I have gained so much knowledge and gotten over so much mentally and emotionally - but my talk with Leah today showed me that I still have a long way to go in getting over my past, my upbringing and my damaging childhood. I yearn and I long for this period of my life to be finally over, but I cannot truly say that I am ungrateful for what I have learned in being forced to have to undergo the ordeals of the past year - I am glad for everything I know, and everything that Leah is always willing to teach me. If everybody knew what Leah knows the world would be a completely different place.

  • ozie22

    i enjoyed her, very honest personality and doesn't hold back. i rly lliked her and will call again

  • Gerline13

    Words cannot describe how awesome leah is! Just absolutely the best. She is quick, advising, reassures your worries. I havent spoken to her in over a year, but her accuracy is amazing! Ty so much leah. Will call back to update!

  • Gerline13

    THE BEST READER! I am not exagerating, I absolutely love leah. She reads you like a book, spiritually sees it at. Will call again! Ty so much.

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    02:00 PM - 11:05 PM (Unknown Time Zone)
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    02:05 PM - 11:00 PM (Unknown Time Zone)
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    01:55 PM - 10:55 PM (Unknown Time Zone)
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    02:05 PM - 11:00 PM (Unknown Time Zone)
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  • Sunday
    02:40 PM - 11:00 PM (Unknown Time Zone)
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