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Are you experiencing stalls in love or are questioning someone's faithfulness to you? Are you concerned that your partner is fearful of commitment even though the love is clear between you? I know it's stressful and hurts when we feel stuck or worry if someone is being honest with us or if they are just using us or passing the time with us, I can clear this up for you. Especially if you are waiting on them to make changes in their life such as leaving a relationship to be with you, cutting ties they have with their ex or are dealing with financial stress. I can look past this energy and see the truth from the excuses because it's my job to deliver to you all of the information the Universe shows for you in your life.

Questions and Answers
  • Describe your areas of expertise.My gifts are not just limited to love and relationships, I can read many parts of your life. What about your job and financial energy? I can see when a career change, promotion or new job is ahead for you. I can see when your overall finances will improve and how this will impact your life. I am here to give you clarity and that's exactly what I will do.
  • How long have you been aware of your abilities, and how have you developed them?I come from a long line of psychics in my family. I have been doing readings for over 16+ years. I offer true accurate readings, no sugarcoating or trickery or scams or magic. I am the real deal. I will not waste your time or money. I am truly gifted, I am a Remote viewer and listener. I am also a Psychic and Medium. I am a compassionate person, I truly listen and do not judge. If you want a true psychic reading and answers to your questions give me a call.
  • Name some specific experiences where you've used your abilities.From a very young age, I realized I was different. While other children were playing with toys, I had unusual experiences which I now know were my first interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than myself. The hardships I lived through from then on and especially throughout my teenage years were intense. Realizing more and more that I had a gift that I couldn’t ignore, I decided to embrace it. As I came to terms with my abilities I decided I had to use them to help others and that’s what has brought me here. Needing guidance is something that I can empathize with, and I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Through my own experiences and intensive training, I have acquired the necessary skills to show others a clear path towards healing. Clairvoyance is my divine sight while Clairsentience is my divine feeling, and when combined these gifts allow me to be the personal guidance you need to make your way out of difficult situations and build towards any goal you set your mind to. The Universe has put me on this path for a reason and I have been able to help over 75,000 people, but my journey is not yet over. Being able to connect with others in this way has been a true blessing and I want to continue opening doors and showing as many people as possible that there is another way, through love instead of suffering, through results instead of stagnation, and through our spiritual potential that’s locked inside each of us
  • What can a caller expect from a consultation with you?One call will convince you I am the psychic for you. Real deal , no sugar coating
My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 4.85
out of 5
Answered Calls: 98% Answered Messages: 100% Favorited By: 70
Personality Score: 9.17
out of 10
Most Common Call Reasons:

Looking for answers, A specific problem, Just wanted to talk & Wanted to take a chance

A call with me is frequently described as:

Accurate, Informative & Engaging

Callers often describe me as:

Accurate & Descriptive

My most mentioned special talent is:

Clairvoyance/predictions that came true, Knew confidential information, Astrology & Mind reading/ESP

My Recent Reviews
  • Mamabuko

    Always up front and calming. Gigi tells you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. She is amazing!!

  • luckyheart

    One of my favorites. Said I would have a new career opportunities in September a few months ago and it's actually comming to fruition ! However with love , it's a wait and see but she's been great with predictions and I strongly trust her and will follow advice from her spirit guides.

  • freckles7070

    You are ALWAYS amazing Gigi! :)

  • luckyheart

    Thanks Gigi. Thanks for being quick and honest and reading that his transformation has nothing to do with me. I'm going to move on.

    VisionaryPsychicThank you 🙏

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My Recent Posts
  • VisionaryPsychic

    HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO HELP YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR READING WITH ME. It is important that you do not drink alcohol or use mind

  • VisionaryPsychic

    When Contacting an Psychic Here a 3 Important Tips 1. There Clearer your Questions are, the more detailed your answer will be.

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