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  • Eyes Eyes at

    Have questions about the past? Or present? And future? Well I have all the answers to your questions.

    12 $5.99/min
  • Expert Psychic Therapist Life Coaching Expert Psychic Therapist Life Coaching at

    I Specializes In All Matters! I Have All Your Answers To Your Questions! Call Now For A Better Tomorrow

    Available 0 $5.99/min
  • Psychic Readings by Molly Psychic Readings by Molly at

    Practical and Honest but Stunning Readings. Get Real Results and Clear Visions.

    Available 2 $5.99/min
  • Psychic liz Psychic liz at

    Spiritual therapist Reader and adviser life coach

    13 $5.99/min
  • Powerful Visions Powerful Visions at

    Accurate, Honest Predictions from a REAL Psychic! I feel, hear and see what's around your energy and the people you love.

    0 $5.99/min
  • Psychic Jas Psychic Jas at

    I specialize in love & relationship I will amaze you

    0 $5.99/min


    4 $5.99/min
  • The Sane Psychic The Sane Psychic at

    Calm, sane guidance in a crazy world

    0 $5.99/min
  • Love empathic specialist Love empathic specialist at

    Hi I'm psychic Angela allow me to help guide you in the right path is he/she the one for you.

    10 $5.99/min
  • Sterling Insights Sterling Insights at

    I am able to connect quickly! No Tools!

    2 $5.99/min
  • Stop Crying I reveal all in one Call Stop Crying I reveal all in one Call at

    Katrinas will tell your future now all Questions Answered

    Available 0 $5.99/min
  • Sinclair therapist and advisor Sinclair therapist and advisor at

    Need advice on family, sex and work issues?

    0 $5.99/min
  • Psychic Me Psychic Me at

    Psychic Now. The Answers Now. Feeling Better Now!

    Available 0 $5.99/min
  • Powerful Predictions Powerful Predictions at

    Quick and accurate with names, dates and details

    40 $5.99/min
  • Straight foward fast pick up connection Helps in all areas Straight foward fast pick up connection Helps in all areas at

    Want to know what he/she feels ? Past present future career marriage ? , call me !

    Available 1 $5.99/min

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